[CODATA-international] role of search engines and their companies Re: Digital Feudalism

Falk Huettmann fhuettmann at alaska.edu
Fri Oct 18 13:06:15 EDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

I think if data, science & sustainability do matter,
then SEARCH ENGINES play a major role and should be considered in this
wider discussion (namely re. Digital Feudalism).

By showing a 'wrong' search result, one informs the WWW wrongly, and thus
the world.
It's a way to withhold the truth and the facts and/or to create a bias and

Many examples can be found.

For search engines and their owners, just see GOOGLE, GOOGLE EARTH or
Some are known to support climate change denial etc.
Facebook is the other real-world example. Mark hinted at it in his last

Many smaller search engines like YAHOO or BING bring in additional problems
(I probably find them quite trashy and they can provide such an outcome).

Beyond the actual search engines, eventually it comes home to the ownership
of those search engine companies and how structured and which nation hosts
for legislation.

Just to bring this up; very best

   Falk Huettmann PhD, Professor
      Uni of Alaska Fairbanks

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