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Ahmad Mahdavi bugmahda at gmail.com
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Thanks, this is an important issue, we should consider the big role that
Google played to open and help most of digital related issues, I agree that
correct words and sentences for searching play an important role.

Best regards,

Best regards,

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On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 10:15 PM Falk Huettmann <fhuettmann at alaska.edu>

> Dear Colleagues,
> I think if data, science & sustainability do matter,
> then SEARCH ENGINES play a major role and should be considered in this
> wider discussion (namely re. Digital Feudalism).
> By showing a 'wrong' search result, one informs the WWW wrongly, and thus
> the world.
> It's a way to withhold the truth and the facts and/or to create a bias and
> agenda.
> Many examples can be found.
> For search engines and their owners, just see GOOGLE, GOOGLE EARTH or
> Some are known to support climate change denial etc.
> Facebook is the other real-world example. Mark hinted at it in his last
> email.
> Many smaller search engines like YAHOO or BING bring in additional problems
> (I probably find them quite trashy and they can provide such an outcome).
> Beyond the actual search engines, eventually it comes home to the ownership
> of those search engine companies and how structured and which nation hosts
> them
> for legislation.
> Just to bring this up; very best
>    Falk Huettmann PhD, Professor
>       Uni of Alaska Fairbanks
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