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The 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC), the biennial
conference of the International Cartographic Association ICA
will take place 14-18 December, 2021, in Florence, Italy 


International Cartographic Association is Member of ISC.


The topics list indicates on the vast and comprehensive role that
Cartography plays in cross-disciplinary science, in operational practice and
in real life:


T01. Art in Cartography

T02. Atlases

T03. Cartographic Heritage into the Digital Domain

T04. Cartography and Children

T05. Cartography for Early Warning and Crisis Management

T06. Cognition in Geovisualization

T07. Education and Continuous Learning in Cartography

T08. Generalization and Multiple Representation

T09. Artificial Intelligence in Mapping

T10. Social Sensing and Visual Analytics

T11. History of Cartography

T12. Location Based Services and Ubiquitous Mapping

T13. Map Design

T14. Map Production and Geoinformation Management

T15. Maps and Accessibility

T16. Participatory Mapping

T17. Marine Cartography

T18. Mountain Cartography


T19. Open Geospatial Data and Technologies

T20. Planetary Cartography

T21. Spatial Data Infrastructure and Standards

T22. Sensor-Driven Mapping

T23. Toponymy in Cartography

T24. Cartography and Public Health

T25. Cartography and Sustainable Development

T26. Perspectives in a New Cartographic Research Agenda

T27. Transformation of National Mapping Agencies

T28. Cartography in Digital Humanities

T29. Mapping Urban Environments

T30. Theoretical Cartography

T31. Cartography for Leisure

T32. Military Mapping

T33. Augmented and Virtual Realities in Cartography

T34. Use, User, and Usability

T35. Map Projections

T36. Cartography, Privacy, and Ethics

Please note the broad coverage of topics related to environmental
information and to Sustainable Development issues.


See also the Objectives of the ICA International Cartographic Association


Submissions are open in different categories 



and there is a call for praticipation in the International Cartographic

Cartographic Exhibition



(discussion of a virtual-only or partly virtual conference is still
underway) Cartographic Exhibition



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