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Dear friends,

*We are glad to inform you that we are implementing TECH-WORK Family*


* Implementing “Tech-Work and Open Data” for Everyone*

*Planning a Sustainable, Healthy, Secure and Innovative Future: *

*Novel Technologies and Open Data*

*Implementing a novel multidisciplinary network for Innovative Humanitarian
Researches and Applications*


* We also update information in the following links *

*TECH-WORK LinkedIn Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10513587/
<https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10513587/> *

*Please follow us!*

*Fell free, anyway!*

We are also implementing "TECH-WORK family": Scientific Committee,
and Guidance Counsellors or just Fellows. Please let us know if you what to
be members of the "TECH-WORK family".  You are welcome! :-) For further
information please contact me via LinkedIn. PS- "The list can be updated" -
WORK-IN-PROGRESS :-) All the best and take care. agata

Il giorno mar 14 gen 2020 alle ore 01:59 Laura Molloy <
laura.molloy at rsa.ox.ac.uk> ha scritto:

> Dear colleagues,
> Many digital preservation networks exist around the world!  Regional,
> national, international ones – those dealing only with digital
> preservation, like the OPF, or those where digital preservation is just one
> of several topics, like within RDA – or product based ones, like the
> Rosetta user group.
> Within nestor, the German competence network of digital preservation, we
> are currently conducting a survey of different digital preservation
> networks around the world.
> And this is where you come in and I would like to ask for your help!
> If you are involved / aware of any networks, could you please let me know
> of these networks & ask them to fill out the survey at
> https://login.mailingwork.de/-survey2/1421/401/xrMHX
> Please also feel free to circulate this message across local listservs or
> other means.
> Thanks for your help!
> Micky
> Michelle Lindlar
> Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)
> German National Library of Science and Technology
> Digital Preservation
> Welfengarten 1 B // 30167 Hannover, Germany
> T +49 511 762-19826
> michelle.lindlar at tib.eu
> www.tib.eu
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