[CODATA-international] Academic Libraries and Research Data Management Bibliography

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The Academic Libraries and Research Data Management Bibliography 
includes over 345 selected English-language articles and books that are 
useful in understanding how academic libraries plan for, implement, 
provide, evaluate, and conduct studies about research data management 
(RDM) services. Most sources have been published from 2012 through 2023. 
It includes full abstracts for works under certain Creative Commons 
Licenses. It is under a CC-BY 4.0 License. It is available as a website 
(https://cutt.ly/DwezfaQ4) and a website PDF with live links 

Digital Scholarship's other bibliographies about research data curation 
include: the Research Data Curation and Management Bibliography (over 
800 works: https://cutt.ly/bJ5kfkm), the Research Data Publication and 
Citation Bibliography (over 225 works: https://cutt.ly/rwezaHre), and 
the Research Data Sharing and Reuse Bibliography (over 200 works): 

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