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Great statement.  As a past Secretary General of CODATA, the statement has
my full support.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2022 at 10:18 AM Asha CODATA <asha at codata.org> wrote:

> CODATA joins with our parent body, the International Science Council
> <https://council.science/current/news/isc-statement-ukraine/> (ISC), with other
> partners, including ISC members
> <https://council.science/statements-international-scientific-community-conflict-ukraine/>,
> in stating its deep dismay and concerns about the military operations being
> carried out in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis.
> As the Committee on Data of the ISC, we call for the respect for
> international humanitarian law, and the preservation of scientific
> institutions and their valuable data resources. Most of all, we demand that
> the safety and well-being of our fellow scientists, data experts and
> colleagues be maintained.
> Ukraine and Russia are both members of CODATA, and we work closely with
> many dear colleagues and friends at scientific and data institutes in both
> countries. Kyiv, now under attack, hosted the 2008 CODATA Conference and is
> the location of our partner organisations, the World Data Centre for
> Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development <http://wdc.org.ua/>, the Igor
> Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute <https://kpi.ua/en> and the National
> Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
> <https://www.nas.gov.ua/EN/pages/default.aspx>. Many colleagues from
> these institutes, colleagues who have attended CODATA conferences and
> workshops, and young scientist alumni of our training activities, remain in
> Kyiv and are in danger. These women and men are our scientific colleagues,
> our partners in advancing the science of data and our friends in global
> collaborative work to use data better. Their freedom to pursue their
> scientific and human activities and their safety is paramount.
> CODATA’s mission <https://codata.org/about-codata/our-mission/> is to
> connect data and people to advance science and improve our world.  We exist
> to bring scientists and data experts together to share knowledge and to
> collaborate across borders.  Our origins lie in the bold and determined
> actions of scientists reaching across the Cold War divides in the great
> data gathering exercises of the International Geophysical Year of 1958, and
> subsequent concerted efforts to gather fundamental reference data in a host
> of research domains. We will continue to work in this spirit with all our
> colleagues. As stated by ISC we are “committed to continue advancing the
> equal participation and collaboration between scientists in all countries
> in its activities and the principle of the free and responsible practice of
> science which is enshrined in its statutes
> <https://council.science/what-we-do/freedoms-and-responsibilities-of-scientists/>
> ”.
> The Officers, Executive Committee and Secretariat of CODATA are united in
> their wish for a peaceful resolution and are committed to the
> internationalism and collaboration that has been a notable feature of
> CODATA’s history.
> *CODATA Officers and Executive Committee, 2 March 2022*
> Download the above statement
> <https://codata.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CODATA-Statement-on-Ukraine-FINAL.pdf>
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