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On behalf of WDS-ITO, ELIXIR, and Holloway University, I would like you to
participate in our Digital Research Infrastructure Survey.
survey aims to understand researchers’ use of Computational Notebooks or
Virtual Research Environments. If you leverage these technologies in your
research, we want to hear from you.

Data collected are anonymous, but participants can enter their email in a
draw for a $50 donation to a charity of their choice.
*This survey will close September 15th, 2021, at 23:59 UTC.  *

The purpose of the survey is to understand how computational notebooks
(e.g. Jupyter notebooks) and Virtual Research Environments (VREs), also
known as Scientific Gateways, are being used. Computational notebooks can
be best described as instances of ‘literate programming’ where code can be
run, text and visualisations can be seen, and data can be accessed

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes of your time to complete;
questions with an asterisk require a response, and it would be immensely
helpful if you could spare the time to respond fully to all questions. The
survey does not gather information to identify the participants, apart from
discipline and nationality data.

The data gathered here will provide insights into how notebooks are being
employed and how to ensure they can be used more. The data on VREs will be
used to improve those services.  If participants wish to share their
contact details they will be placed in a draw for $50 to go to a charity of
their choice. They will also get early access to the data. The email
addresses will be deleted once the data has been made public. We value your
contribution and look forward to sharing the outcomes with you.





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