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You may be interested in a major new report from the International Science Council, CODATA’s parent, on science publishing: International Science Council. 2021. Opening the record of science: making scholarly publishing work for science in the digital era. Paris, France. International Science Council. DOI: 10.24948/2021.01

It is designed to be the basis of a campaign for reform amongst the major stakeholders of science.

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Thank you Leighton,
Unfortunately Science.gov<http://science.gov/> only hosts federally funded research. Also, it does not include research funded by the National Endowment for the Arts or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

At my university, University of Utah, we are attempting to determine how to continue paying for the high journal subscriptions. Having the publications publically available would be a way for access to the high priced journals, but as I’m finding out not all articles will be available.

Guess we are still going to be paying for subscriptions for the time being.

Thanks, again

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Subject: RE: information request for a Friday

Hi Daureen (and interested others).

In the US, the Science.gov<http://Science.gov> alliance has built a 1-stop search interface for federally-funded research papers, technical reports, and other text-based research outputs. The science.gov<http://science.gov> interface is a federated search across the repositories of the science.gov<http://science.gov> members.

The science.gov<http://science.gov> site also has links to the Public Access plans of the federal agencies.

The site address is https://www.science.gov<https://www.science.gov/>

However, today, Saturday March 6, the site is undergoing maintenance, so the link above takes you to the maintenance warning page. My apologies.

For US datasets, you can search https://data.gov<https://data.gov/>

I hope folks find this useful.

Please reach out if you have questions.

Be well!
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Hi all,
I’m aware that in the U.S. that if your research is funded by a federal agency you are required to share your publication (data, code also, but I’m interested in publications). Some foundations have also implemented this requirement. Universities and scholarly societies have yet to weigh in as far as I can tell.

I’m wondering if it is the same in the rest of the world? Have the governments of other countries insisted that all publications be freely available or just the ones funded by the government?

Is there a one-stop-site to accessing freely shared publications or do we need to build one?

Thank you for any insight,

Daureen Nesdill MS MLIS
Research Data Management Librarian
Campus Administrator for Labarchives
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