[CODATA-international] IGARSS 2021 | Brussels 2021 July 11-16 | special session on OGC/ISO Coverages: Concepts, Tools, Experiences

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IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium

In 2021 a joint initiative of Belgium and The Netherlands


invited session, organized jointly by IEEE GRSS ESI, OGC, and CODATA-Germany

OGC/ISO Coverages: Concepts, Tools, Experiences


Chairs: Peter Baumann (rasdaman, CODATA-Germany), George Percivall (OGC)

The concept of coverages, as defined in OGC and ISO, provides a unifying paradigm for modelling any kind of spatio-temporally varying phenomena, specifically: regular and irregular grids (or rasters),  point clouds, and general meshes. In particular datacubes representing regular and irregular grids are an accepted cornerstone for analysis-ready data - homogenization of zillions of scenes into a few space-time cubes with unified spatial and temporal access leads to both simpler and more scalable services.

The OGC/ISO coverage concept has proven outstandingly successful as a basis for modeling data representation and exchange as well as services which are distinguished by their flexibility, scalability,  and interoperability. For example, the EarthServer datacube federation offers 100 Petabytes of spatio-temporal coverages operationally. However, with the enhanced level of service new challenges and expectations arise, such as Machine Learning which adds a very promising, yet computationally expensive, opportunity for gaining insight.

This session, which is jointly organised by GRSS Earth Science Informatics (ESI), OGC, and CODATA-Germany, summarizes the state of the art in standards-based services based on the coverage concept. Contributions represent the full spectrum of such services, from conceptual over implementation to operation and standardization. All presenters work actively in the field so that first-hand knowledge can be provided. For newcomers to the field this provides a useful introduction whereas experts can assess various approaches in a direct comparison.







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Dr. Peter Baumann
- Executive Director, rasdaman GmbH Bremen (HRB 26793)
    <https://rasdaman.com> https://rasdaman.com, mail:  <mailto:baumann at rasdaman.com> baumann at rasdaman.com
- Professor of Computer Science, Jacobs University Bremen
    <https://www.faculty.jacobs-university.de/pbaumann> https://www.faculty.jacobs-university.de/pbaumann
   mail:  <mailto:p.baumann at jacobs-university.de> p.baumann at jacobs-university.de
"A brilliant idea is a job halfdone."


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