[CODATA-international] International Symposium “Global Collaboration on Data beyond Disciplines”, 23-25 September 2020; Extended Abstract Booklet Online

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Dear colleagues, CODATA-international

I am happy to make an announcement on the coming online symposium;
International Symposium “Global Collaboration on Data beyond
Disciplines”, 23-25 September 2020. Detail information on the
background and scope, session themes, current version programme and
involved logistic issues are in here;

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of this conference, I
would like to share information regarding sessions, programme and
conference logistics. In particular, the Extended Abstract Booklet is
just online.

Extended Abstract Booklet:
Depending on the efforts by all presenters, "Programme and Abstracts"
booklet has now been online. As a few presenters have not yet
contributed into the current version, the revised version will be
replaced until the conference.

Session Programme:
The current version of all session programme for three days of our
conference. The programme has been almost completed except for some

Pre-conference registration can be made from the following URL. No
registration fee is required to attend the conference. Zoom meeting
information for all seven schematic sessions will be sent by reply
mail when you register. If you want to attend, please make your
registration soon.

Zoom meeting room information:
All presentations will be made via the online Meeting Application
(Zoom). Details of the meeting room for all delegates (presenters and
audiences) are described here;

The same content with the conference web-site is available from;

If you have any questions please contact at any time.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Masaki Kanao
LOC, DSWS-2020

International Symposium “Global Collaboration on Data beyond
Disciplines”, 23-25 September 2020, Online Conference

Conference web-site:

Background and Scope :
 The Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research (DS) of the
Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS) and the
Committee of International Collaborations on Data Science of the
Science Council of Japan (SCJ) are organizing a symposium to share
information on current international research data activities
addressing Open Science, data-centric science, and interdisciplinary
data-driven science. A key step in making science open lies in
improving data quality and transparency so that researchers can easily
share their work, and this necessitates a robust and global-scale
infrastructure. The symposium will be a remarkable opportunity to
discuss the future development of such data-oriented infrastructure in
the Open Science era, and thus ensure the long-term preservation and
equitable provision of quality-assessed research data. The World Data
System (WDS) of the International Science Council (ISC) and its
partner organization Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) are
leading global initiatives that can galvanize the community to find
solutions to these data-related issues, and at the same time work with
the community to improve data discoverability and interoperability for
effective data reuse.

Session Themes:
- Opening Session:Opening Addresses, Keynote Talks, 10 Years Event of
the International Programme Office of the World Data System (WDS-IPO).
- WDS Forum 2020:The initial idea of this evening session is to share
information on current activities of WDS among WDS Members and general
participants having interest in the endeavor of WDS. This part will be
led by the Scientific Committee (SC), International Programme Office (IPO)
and International Technical Office (ITO) of WDS.
- Regional Activities on Data in the Asia & Oceania Area:Sharing
information on data-oriented collaborations on data in the
Asia-Oceania area, e.g. plans of collaborating platforms have been
going on in Australia and Malaysia and discussions in the series of
WDS Asia and Oceania Conferences, etc. Principal Organizers are WDS
and Regional Office of Asia and Pacific (ROAP).
- WDS-ORCID Strategic Workshop: Discussions on future
collaborations between WDS and ORCID. The workshop format might
include ‘breakout rooms’ and group discussions to make the online
session more interesting, with WDS and ORCID both chairing these.
- Sharing of the COVID-19 Data:Sharing information on data involving
COVID-19 pandemics for all related branches of disciplines, including
social, genome and biological aspects. As this session focuses on
international interest involving the pandemics, all related topics on
COVID-19 data issues are welcome.
- Forum of Early Career Data Scientists in the Asia & Oceania Area:A
forum of young-generation data scientists in the Asia-Oceania area to
identify current problems and future plans. This part will be led by
the WDS ECR Network.
- Promotion of Multi-Disciplinary Data Analysis:Presentations on
research projects based on multi-, and/or inter- disciplinary data use
and data-led innovation of technology. Themes of space-weather data
analyses are also included.

Organized by:
 Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research (DS), Research
Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS)
 Committee of International Collaborations on Data Science, Science
Council of Japan (SCJ)

Supported by :
 National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
 Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS)
 World Data System (WDS), International Science Council (ISC)
 Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)
 Science Council of Japan (SCJ)

Important Dates:
・Programme booklet online: 11 September 2020
・Registration deadline: 23 September 2020
・Symposium: 23-25 September 2020

Contact Address:
 dsws.loc-2020 (at) nipr.ac.jp

Dr. Masaki Kanao, Associate Professor,
   * Polar Environment Data Science Center (PEDSC),
       Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research (DS),
         Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS)
 ** Geoscience Research Group, National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), ROIS
*** The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)
Address: 10-3, Midori-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-8518, Japan
Tel: +81-42-512-9026, Fax: +81-42-512-9079
URL: http://researchmap.jp/read0211630/
E-mail: kanao at nipr.ac.jp

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