[CODATA-international] Launching the Second episode on 'Role of Data in Building Resilient Cities Focus on Urban Floods' of Data for Resilient Cities Podcast Series

Shaily Gandhi shaily.gandhi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 06:35:48 EDT 2020


I am excited to inform you that CRDF has recently launched a podcast series
in collaboration with CODATA on "Data for Resilient Cities". To listen to
the podcast, tune into https://soundcloud.com/dataforresilientcities
or log on to our website https://bit.ly/3drNmoT

In the second episode of the podcast series titled ‘Data for Resilient
Cities,’ Nitika Bhakuni starts a conversation with Stephen Diggs on climate
change leading to extreme weather conditions and resulting in flooding
especially in urban areas. The speakers discuss the impacts of these events
on the cities and the various dimensions in understanding urban flooding.

[image: 0001-12481340919_20201030_125500_0000.png]

Talking about planning future cities, the two emphasized how data can be
used to build resilience in our cities by understanding the causes and
impacts there off. They further explore the importance of data that is
“fit-for-purpose” along with its timeless. Some of the interesting elements
from their interaction highlight methods used internationally and locally
in India for mitigating adverse impacts of urban floods, policy frameworks
available for data sharing, and the importance of financing data systems
towards building resilient cities.

Nitika is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Planning, CEPT
University. She is a geographer planner with a Doctoral Degree from CEPT
University and Masters in Planning from the School of Planning and
Architecture, New Delhi. With nearly 18 years of work experience in
consultancy in India and the UK and over 10 years of teaching experience in
India. Her expertise lies in database management, land use transport
integration, and equity issues for a wide range of transportation projects
undertaken at CRDF, CEPT. Apart from this, she is involved in organizing,
managing, and delivering several capacity building programs for in-service
transport professionals in the field of transportation.

Steve is the Technical Director of the Hydrographic Data Group at Scripps
Institution of Oceanography.  A former field engineer, he has dedicated the
last three decades to the design and operation of enterprise-level
geophysical information systems that seamlessly transform sensor telemetry
into available data for the research community.  Also, Steve is a member of
numerous international data science teams and is co-chair of the Task Group
on Improving Data Access and Reusability for the International Science
Council (IDAR-TG CODATA).  He is also the 2018-2020 co-chair of the US
National Science Foundation’s Council of Data Facilities.

Warm Regards,

*Dr. Shaily Gandhi*
Manager IT & Geospatial Solutions
CEPT Research & Development Foundation (CRDF)
Near AES Boys Hostel Campus ,University Ground
Navrangpura ,Ahmedabad - 380 009
Data Carpentry Instructor
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tel: +91 94282 46420
email: shaily.gandhi at cept.ac.in | shaily.gandhi at gmail.com
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