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*First draft of the UNESCO Recommendation on OpenScience. *
Released on 30 September 2020.
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*Read Full-Text PDF <https://t.co/mquy2IQ9Ez?amp=1> *
*Dr. Anup Kumar Das*
Centre for Studies in Science Policy
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi - 110067, India
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On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 2:26 AM Asha CODATA <asha at codata.org> wrote:

> *UNESCO has launched a global consultation on Open
> Science https://en.unesco.org/science-sustainable-future/open-science/consultation
> <https://en.unesco.org/science-sustainable-future/open-science/consultation> with
> a view to developing a standard-setting instrument in the form of a
> Recommendation, to be adopted by the UNESCO General Conference in November
> 2021.*
> *CODATA has been invited to contribute to this process, to provide inputs
> from the organisation and to mobilise our global expert community.*
> *H3: Global Consultations on Open Science *
> To build a global consensus on Open Science, the development of the UNESCO
> Recommendation on Open Science relies on an inclusive, transparent and
> consultative process involving all countries and all stakeholders.
> The Recommendation is expected to define shared values and principles for
> Open Science, and point to concrete measures on Open Access and Open Data
> with proposals for action to bring citizens closer to science, and
> commitments for a better distribution and production of science in the
> world.
> The process of drafting the Recommendation is regionally balanced, highly
> inclusive and collaborative. It involves multiple stakeholders and is
> expected to lead to the adoption of the Recommendation by UNESCO Member
> States in 2021.
> In developing the Open Science Recommendation, UNESCO is gathering inputs
> from all the regions and all the interested stakeholders, through online
> consultations, regional and thematic meetings and numerous debates on
> implications, benefits and challenges of Open Science across the globe.
> *H3 Online Consultation*
> Are you a scientist, a publisher, a science policy maker or someone with
> experience and interest in Open Science? Your input is important to the
> UNESCO process.
> Please participate in the survey designed to collect inputs for the
> development of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.  The survey may
> be completed (in English, French or Spanish) either online or downloading
> documents to be returned to the UNESCO team at openscience at unesco.org
> For all links and further information please see the page on the UNESCO
> website:
> https://en.unesco.org/science-sustainable-future/open-science/consultation
> *The deadline for submitting inputs is 15 June 2020.*
> *H3 Thematic and regional meetings*
> UNESCO will hold a series of online and face to face consultations to
> support an open debate on Open Science awareness, understanding and policy
> development to feed into the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. In this
> context, a series of regional and thematic consultations are being
> organized. For more information see the page on the UNESCO website or
> contact the UNESCO team at openscience at unesco.org
> UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science will complement the 2017
> Recommendation on Science and Scientific Research. It will also build upon
> the UNESCO Strategy on Open Access to Scientific Information and Research
> and the new UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources.
> For further information and useful links please see the page on the UNESCO
> website:
> https://en.unesco.org/science-sustainable-future/open-science/consultation
> Thanks,
> Asha
> --
> *DDI – Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI):* first Public Review Release,
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