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*Register at https://bit.ly/FAIRCONVERGE1 <https://bit.ly/FAIRCONVERGE1>
<https://bit.ly/FAIRCONVERGE1> (using code FAIRCONVERGE1) to attend this
FREE, entirely VIRTUAL event.  Once registered you will be able choose
sessions to attend, obtain the virtual attendance information and view
pre-recorded talks.*

The FULL Programme can be viewed in the Cvent Platform
<https://bit.ly/FAIRCONVERGE1> or at

There is also a programme overview at

The International FAIR Convergence Symposium, will provide a unique forum
for advancing international and cross-domain convergence around FAIR.
The FAIR Convergence Symposium comprises over 50 parallel session divided
along five thematic strands:

   1. FAIR for Crisis Reduction and Response
   2. FAIR Specifications
   3. FAIR Society
   4. FAIR Data Stewardship
   5. Strand 5: (Major Developments in) FAIR Convergence

*Information about plenary sessions is now available. * To get the most out
of the plenary sessions, please register <https://bit.ly/FAIRCONVERGE1> and
watch the pre-recorded talks!

*Plenary Session 1: International Open Science in 2020
Fri 27 Nov, 11:00-13:00 (UTC).*  Prerecorded talks and a panel discussion

   - *Shamila Nair-Bedouelle*, Assistant Director-General for Natural
   Sciences, UNESCO
   - *Peter Gluckman*, President Elect, International Science Council
   - *Jean-Claude Burgelman*, professor of Open Science Policies and
   Practices, Free University of Brussels

*Plenary Session 2: Convergence for Global Open Science Infrastructures*
Mon 30 Nov, 11:00-12:00 (UTC).*  Prerecorded talks and a panel discussion

   - *Mazlan Othman*, Executive Director International Science Council
   Regional Office for Asia and Pacific
   - *Rosie Hicks*, CEO of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)
   - *Li Jianhui*, Director of Science and Technology Cloud Department
   - at the Computer Network information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese
   Academy of Sciences (CAS)
   - *Karel Luyben*, Rector Magnificus Emeritus of the Delft University
   of Technology and chair of the Executive Board of the European
   Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
   - *Robert J. Hanisch*, Director of the Office of Data and Informatics,
   Material Measurement Laboratory, at the National Institute of Standards
   and Technology
   - *Tshiamo Motshegwa*, Department of Computer Science, Faculty
   of Science at the University of Botswana and member of the SADC
   Cyberinfrastructure WG.

*Plenary Session 3: FAIR Convergence*
Mon 30 Nov, 12:00-13:00 (UTC). * Prerecorded talks and a panel discussion

   - *Barend Mons*, Professor of Biosemantics, Leiden University Medical
   Center (LUMC), co-founder of GO FAIR and president of CODATA.
   - *Luiz Bonino*, Associate Professor, Services and CyberSecurity group
   at the University of Twente' Associate Professor of the BioSemantics group
   at the Leiden University Medical Centre; and
   International Technology Coordinator of the GO FAIR International Support
   and Coordination Office
   - *Erik Schultes*, International Science Coordinator at the GO FAIR
   International Support and Coordination Office
   - *Barbara Magagna*, Umweltbundesamt, Vienna.
   - *Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran*, head of the Software Engineering Group
   at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
   - *Simon Cox*, head of the Environmental Information Infrastructure
   team, CSIRO
   - *Arofan Gregory,* technology and standards consultant working with
   - *Robert J. Hanisch*, Director of the Office of Data and Informatics,
   Material Measurement Laboratory, at the National Institute of Standards and

*Plenary Session 4: Crisis Reduction and Response and the Role of FAIR Data*
Fri 4 Dec, 11:00-13:00 (UTC).*

Live keynote from *Prof. Antoine Flahault*, Université de Genève, on
'COVID-19: Precision Epidemic Forecasting using critical data’.
 Prof. Antoine Flahault is Director of the Institute of Global Health at
the Université de Genève.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been a
prominent scientific and epidemiological commentator, making the case for
the specific, detailed and nuanced application of data and science in the
response to the sanitary crisis.

Prerecorded talks and a panel discussion featuring:

   - *Peter Gluckman,* President Elect, International Science Council
   - *Priyanka Pillai*, academic specialist in bioinformatics and software
   programming, University of Melbourne
   - *Francisca Onaolapo Oladipo*, Director, Research, Innovations and
   International Relations at Kampala International University, Uganda; and
   Professor of Computer Science at Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria
   - *Bapon Fakhruddin*, expert climate change risk assessor,
   Tonkin+Taylor, NZ
   - *Chifundo Kanjala*, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,
   Malawi Epidemiology Intervention and Research Unit

The session will be chaired by *Prof. Virginia Murray*, Public Health
England,  and CODATA Executive Committee.




*International (Virtual) FAIR Convergence Symposium, 27 Nov, 30 Nov-4

*Open Science for a Global Transformation:* Call for Papers for
a Special Collection in Data Science Journal in relation to the UNESCO
Recommendation on Open Science

*Data for Resilient Cities Podcast Series: *CAG-CEPT and
CODATA Podcast Series
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*October 2020 publications*
<https://codata.org/october-2020-publications-in-the-data-science-journal/> in
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