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May be of interest to members at the COVID/DLT interface:

[image: Blockchain in Healthcare Today]

[image: Blockchain in Healthcare]
Call for Manuscripts
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Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY)
amplifies distributed ledger technology research & innovations in the
healthcare sector. The online peer review journal is published on a
continuous basis in order to accelerate sharing rigorously vetted
theoretical and experiential knowledge required for a growth sector.
Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts, novel use cases,
unpublished research, and defensible opinions on the spectrum of topics
•    Consensus algorithms and data provenance
•    Secure multiparty computation and privacy preserving technology
•    Zero knowledge proofs and data privacy
•    Contact tracing
•    Transactional data sharing and integrity
•    Regulatory healthcare compliance and the impact of relaxed policies
•    Policy and governance
•    Ethical considerations of new technology for global health citizenry
•    Supply chains and management
•    Cybersecurity
•    The cultural business evolution for sharing
•    Novel technology adoption and market trends
•    EHR and interoperability
•    Pandemic core challenges and opportunities with DLT
•    Enterprise grade use cases
•    Public health impact
•    Implementation of common national situational awareness – deployment
and scale
Consider the critical impact unveiled during the pandemic’s onset and
anticipated demands hereafter and submit your holistic contribution to the
research community to assist health technology, compliance and business
domains construct a safe, protected and reliable healthcare system where
all citizens thrive.

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Medical Device Management
To view a thoughtful discussion on medical device management between Bill
Buchanan, OBE, BHTY EIC and Susan Ramonat BHTY Board member, please visit

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