[CODATA-international] Examples of global OA data flaw in UN policies; many more exist

Falk Huettmann fhuettmann at alaska.edu
Fri May 15 16:44:42 EDT 2020

Hello everybody,

we discussed on this listserver earlier some of the failures in the
UN efforts and when using OPEN ACCESS DATA

Here a great example for it:

One reads it initially and says: GRAND.

But in reality, SEABIRDS (as an acknowledged major component of the ocean
and global
system) are widely ignored here. Just see in the maps for Polar regions re
etc for seabird colony
and their marine hotspot locations widely missing.

Now I let you figure out why that is, and who sets the agenda there and
with what money (e.g. check acknowledgements).
In the meantime, many seabird data are openly available crying to be used.

we have pushed for years with governments and science bodies and NGOs to
make those Open Access
but got fully marginalized, of course; career-end that is!

Huettmann F (2011) Serving the Global Village through Public Data Sharing
as a

                        Mandatory Paradigm for Seabird Biologists and
Managers: Why, What, How, and a

                        Call for an Efficient Action Plan. The Open
Ornithology Journal 4:1-11

Huettmann F. (2015) On the Relevance and Moral Impediment of Digital

            Management, Data Sharing, and Public Open Access and Open
Source Code in

            (Tropical) Research: The Rio Convention Revisited Towards Mega
Science and Best

            Professional Research Practices. In: F. Huettmann F. (ed.)
Central American

            Biodiversity:  Conservation, Ecology, and a Sustainable Future.
Springer New York,

            pages 391-418

There are also massive problems in the Open Access climate layers; those
are way too parsimonious and TOO COLD (*2 is not a bad idea
for a reality impact).

we see such flaws every day and it's a massive bias and problem, harming
man-kind and putting doubts on the UN
and its (industrial) science. It's not impartial nor sustainable, hardly

Open Access to data is progress, but unfortunately it's just widely used to
delay and to play old games
and exploitation under the global framework. Business as usual.

To be serious,
I propose to work on the latter much more and with a balanced perspective.

fyi we have a new book here on the Hindu Kush Himalaya where some of those
aspects have been
described and expressed:

Thanks for the consideration; kind regards
   Falk Huettmann PhD, Professor
       -EWHALE lab-
       Inst of Arctic Biology, Wildlife and Biology Dept
       Uni of Alaska Fairbanks
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