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I am interested.

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On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 1:27 PM Asha CODATA <asha at codata.org> wrote:

> The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Alliance is pleased to announce
> the first Public Review of DDI – Cross Domain Integration (DDI-CDI), a
> specification aimed at helping implementers integrate data across domain
> and institutional boundaries.
> Although historically the DDI Alliance has produced specifications aimed
> at the Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) sciences, DDI-CDI is
> designed to serve a broader audience, reflecting the need across many
> different domains to exchange and reuse data which comes from outside the
> traditional range of data sources. It is intended to be used as a
> stand-alone specification for data integration in any domain or combination
> of domains and it can be used in combination with existing DDI
> specifications (e.g., DDI-Codebook and DDI-Lifecycle).
> Reflecting this broader objective, CODATA sees great potential in DDI-CDI
> as a contribution to the International Science Council-endorsed
> <https://council.science/> Decadal Programme ‘Making Data Work for
> Cross-Domain Grand Challenges’
> <https://codata.org/initiatives/strategic-programme/decadal-programme/>.
> Consequently, CODATA through the Decadal Programme will partner with DDI in
> the public review process, assisting in getting feedback on the
> specification from different domains and use cases.
> DDI-CDI focuses on a uniform approach to describing a range of needed
> data formats (traditional wide/rectangular data, long [event] data,
> multi-dimensional data, and NoSQL/key-value data) which allows them to be
> connected and understood to support transformation and processing for
> integrated use. It is explicitly designed to work with many popular generic
> technology standards such as PROV-O, BPMN, DCAT, SDMX, DataCube, SSN/SOSA
> and Schema.org <http://schema.org/> to allow for easy integration into
> systems which support them. DDI-CDI is aligned with other DDI
> specifications (DDI-Codebook, DDI-Lifecycle) to support integration of
> external data in systems which use DDI.
> Review by experts both within and outside the SBE sciences will assist in
> making sure that DDI-CDI is able to describe data and its provenance at a
> detailed, machine-actionable level. This Public Review is intended not only
> to critique the existing model and XML syntax representation, but also to
> identify places where additional work is needed to better support research
> and policy in the broadest possible set of domains.
> Links to the specification and instructions for comment are found at
> https://ddi-alliance.atlassian.net/wiki/x/IQBPMw. We are eager to obtain
> feedback from the broadest possible audience on this specification. The
> comment period is open until July 31, 2020, and we hope to hear from you.
> To assist you in your review we recommend the following approach:
> Read the Overview section of the DDI-CDI review page. This provides a
> guide to what you will find in the download package. There are four
> documents linked from the Overview section. Looking at these in the order
> presented will provide you with information on the purpose, organization,
> use, and structure of DDI-CDI. Depending on your areas of interest and
> expertise you may be focusing on specific aspects of the package. These
> documents will help guide you to the relevant material. If you have
> questions about the package contents and how to review them, use the issue
> form or email option to ask for clarification. Find these options through
> the link in the upper right frame of the review page.
> We will be conducting a series of webinars to introduce potential
> reviewers to DDI-CDI. CODATA will support and collaborate on this series.
> Webinars are being planned for core DDI stakeholders and users and then for
> a wider range of domains and use cases, including: Earth sciences, life
> sciences, engineering, physical sciences, SDGs and policy monitoring
> indicators, discovery standards, process and provenance. If you are
> interested in attending, please contact us by replying to this email.
> Your feedback to DDI-CDI is appreciated.
> Simon Hodson, CODATA
> On behalf of the initial Decadal Programme activities and in support of
> Joachim Wackerow, Chair of the Scientific Board of the DDI Alliance
> <https://ddialliance.org/>
> On behalf of the DDI-CDI development group
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