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Dear Hussein Sherief 


The International Science Council’s report to UNESCO will include a recommendation on the potential for a Global Open Science Commons, to which a globally open science cloud could be of considerable support. It would also be of great interest to emerging regional open science platforms, including the African Open Science Platform. I will come back to you with ideas of potential linkage between ITU and these initiatives.


Many thanks for making contact.


All good wishes


Geoffrey Boulton



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Dear Geoffrey Boulton, 


I noticed that UNITAR’s contribution to Open Science was being considered for the report to UNESCO . At ITU, we have submitted documents requesting that Global Open Science Cloud (GOSC) be considered as a new tool for SDG’s Disaster Risk.  If the ITU-D Study Group adapts GOSC at its coming October meeting in Geneva, then GOSC will be available as a new Globally Open Science Cloud tool for its member states. From there,  a global framework and guidelines will be worked out by the study group leading to ISO standards. 


Here are the link to the submitted documents:


Utilizing telecommunications/ICTs for disaster risk reduction and management

Submission to ITU-D Study Group 2

https://www.itu.int/net4/ITU-D/CDS/contributions/sg_v2/cnt_rpt_stg_cont_details.asp?mtg=10758 <https://www.itu.int/net4/ITU-D/CDS/contributions/sg_v2/cnt_rpt_stg_cont_details.asp?mtg=10758&lg=1&prd=2018> &lg=1&prd=2018



I do not know if this information is of any use with respect to the report  to UNESCO, if you think it is , you can further contact ITU-D Study Group 2.



Hussein Sherief






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