[CODATA-international] Webinar series on: Smart and Resilient Cities (Topic: Sustainable and Resilient Urban Ecologies – Possible lessons from recent Australian Bushfires)

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*Resilient Cities Webinar 1*

The horrific bushfires experienced recently in Australian have laid bare both
ecological and urban vulnerabilities. The impact on Australia’s unique flora
and fauna is profound. For the communities affected by these fires, the long
road to recovery is physical, economic and emotional. While metropolitan
Sydney was spared from the most cataclysmic of the firestorms, the fallout
of smoke, haze, and ash shrouded the city and surrounding communities for
weeks on end, leading to this region having some of the worst air quality
on the planet during that period. And as the summer heat persisted, water
catchments already strained by years of drought were stretched further by
the fire crisis and communities found themselves facing severe water
restrictions. In the aftermath of the fires, drought and economic impact,
the resilience of both the community and the land is already apparent. But
there is no denying that the impacts of these ecological disasters of
recent times have accelerated calls for fresh thinking about ways to
prepare for and stave off similar crises in the future. Calls for community
co-design initiatives and sustainable practices have also gained greater
traction as Sydney-siders used to blue skies and cool ocean breezes during
the balmy summer months, unexpectedly found themselves on the front line of
a climate crisis. Has this most recent disaster introduced greater urgency
for active community engagement in urban planning? Is there a greater
climate of readiness to deliberately and collectively pursue sustainable
development goals?

*Our speaker:*

Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
*Associate Professor, Sydney Australia Social Informaticist*
*Ethics for AI & ADM*

*Bio:* A data and information ethicist passionate about shaping future
digital and data infrastructure, Theresa is building an international
network (Humanising Data Science) within the international information
science community. Theresa's award-winning work as an educator and as a
researcher for the past twenty years engages with the ever-evolving
relationship between people and emerging technologies through
transdisciplinary and value-sensitive lenses. Her early professional career
included work as a political research analyst in research centres and think
tanks, service as a diplomat and environmental education officer.

*Who should join?*

This webinar is brought to you FREE of charge by the CODATA Connect Alumni
and Early Career Network. If you're interested in the topic of "Smart and
Resilient Cities", "SaRC" or "Open and FAIR Data" you should definitely join.

*Time:* Tue, 31 Mar 2020 at 11:00 UTC (07:00 New York, 12:00 London, 22:00

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