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UN ITU World Summit on Information Society
Special Virtual Session on

Global Programs and Conventions: 
Coherence and Mutual Synergies from 
Holistic Information Management

July 17, 2020   12:00-13:00 CEST





The UN Declarations and other UN Instruments texts increasingly enforce the
demands for mutual coherence and synergies.

There is special emphasis on defining the basic elements of coherence,
consequences for holistic information management across programs and
conventions and rising awareness on the key role of stakeholder driven
participative information governance needed to foster of cross-domain and
cross-organizational national as well as international implementations.

Timeliness implementations guided by the principles of holistic information
management are key prerequisites in societal, natural, technical, humanistic
and ethical aspects for the future of people and planet.

Coherence and Accountability Improvements for Information Society

Reference paper    Paper on
rlin_2020.pdf#page=93> "Global Programs Coherence and Synergies" LNIS Vol.
9, 2020

Participants suggested

Information managers and practitioners from governments, organizations,
administrations, private sector, science, NGOs, civil society organizations
and representatives, data journalists

Organizer    CODATA-Germany     http://CODATA-Germany.org

CODATA-Germany is the German National Committee to 
CODATA, the International Science Council (ISC) Committee on Data

Chair/Convener     Horst Kremers, CODATA-Germany

                                  WSIS2020 at Horst-Kremers.de
<mailto:WSIS2020 at Horst-Kremers.de>             http://Horst-Kremers.de


Dr. (Mrs.) Kalpana Chaudhari

     Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
     Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai, India

     Mainstreaming Digital Skills Through Information and Communication     
     for Sustainable Development During COVID-19 Emergency


Sahil Shah

     Special Advisor, Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED)

     Supporting Humanitarian Emergency Situations:
     Information in Risk, Resilience and Recovery of Food Systems


Prof. Falk Huettmann

     EWHALE lab, Institute of Arctic Biology, Biology & Wildlife Department
     University of Alaska Fairbanks, U.S.A.

     One Open Access Data Set Gained, Many Others Not Shared:
     The Realities, Roadblocks and a Good Vision of Open Access and Open
     to Tackle Real-World Progress


Details of Session Description, including full Abstracts of Panelists



WSIS2020 Virtual Forum        

WSIS2020 Session on Coherence and Synergies (Details)   

WSIS2020 Session on Coherence and Synergies (Registration)


You may like to use the various facilities for interaction, networking of
participants and in social media channels.








Please also inform colleagues and stakeholders in UN Cross-Program Coherence
and in Information Society

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Horst Kremers, CODATA-Germany             WSIS2020 at Horst-Kremers.de

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