[CODATA-international] Webinars to Introduce DDI-CDI to the Global Data Community: Presentation, Recording and Useful Links

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This week, CODATA collaborated with the DDI Foundation to assist in the
presentation of a new draft specification, DDI-CDI (Cross Domain
Integration) to the global data community.  We are looking for feedback and
review of DDI-CDI and would ike also to identify case studies to test and
refine the specification for its purpose of helping to combine data from
different sources, different data types and different domains.

DDI-CDI is a model-driven specification that is designed to provide support
for the wide range of data which are becoming increasingly significant for
the Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) sciences, but often come from
new sources outside the SBE domain, and often use non-traditional data
structures. Such unfamiliar data also demands increased information about
provenance, especially the processes by which they were created. Based on
the DDI 4/Moving Forward work, DDI-CDI is designed to meet these emerging
needs for the integration of data in old and new forms, coming from a
variety of domains.

Cross Domain (Data) Integration is particularly important for grand
challenge research areas that necessarily combine data of many types and
provenance, including infectious disease research, disaster risk reduction,
resilient cities research, climate change mitigation and adaptation and so
on. CODATA sees great potential in DDI-CDI as a contribution to the
Science Council <https://council.science/>-endorsed Decadal Programme
‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges’
Consequently, CODATA through the Decadal Programme will partner with DDI in
the public review process, assisting in getting feedback on
the specification from different domains and use cases.

The *presentations* may be downloaded from the page for this webinar page
on the CODATA website
you can also find the recording, viewable from Vimeo.

   - Presentation from the webinar on 16 June, given by Arofan Gregory
   - Presentation from the webinar on 18 June, given by Hilde Orten

The *recordings* of the presentations are available on the webpage
and are viewable in Vimeo <https://vimeo.com/user91439529>.

*Information about DDI-CDI*

   - Introduction:
   - Public review page: https://ddi-alliance.atlassian.net/wiki/x/IQBPMw
   - Complete download package:
   - Announcement at DDI Alliance website:

*Contacts for DDI-CDI*

   - ddi-cdi at googlegroups.com
   - joachim.wackerow at gesis.org

*ISC CODATA Decadal Programme*

Preliminary information about the decadal programme is available at
With very best wishes,

Asha on behalf of the DDI-CDI webinar organisers (Arofan Gregory, Hilde
Orten and Joachim Wackerow) and the Decadal Programme leads.

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