[CODATA-international] Crowdsourcing a collection of papers with Sustainable Development Goals

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NB To Simon and Asha: I am copying the CODATA Mailing list as a matter of politeness since Dr. Prakash copied the list as well, but am not trying to spam the list with further one-on-one emails on this matter and will not take offense if you do not decide to share this email with the list as a whole! Will leave the matter entirely to your discretion. Kind regards,

Dear Dr. Prakash,

I fully agree with all of these points. In particular, if there is a (CODATA-hosted or other) repository where you would like us to host the crowdsourced metadata, we’d be more than happy to do so. The choice of ICSR Lab for the outcomes was a practical one for us, but we are happy to accommodate any requests for sharing the data in a different location or a format that is optimally useful for the community.

We do not charge or in any way financially benefit from this project, nor do we claim ownership of the annotations.  I am not sure if there are specific confidentiality clauses or disclaimers that you would like us to adopt, but am very open to discussing any specific concerns you may have.

With kindest regards and again thanking you for your support,


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Following are my Views in brief:
1. Open access is very important.
2. I was expecting Much More Support to this idea. Nevertheless, we can pursue
3. CODATA Secretariat may want to filter more actively posts to the members. That focusses on the agenda.
4. Agree with Simons Views.
5. As one moves forward it needs professional management with proper disclaimers and Confidentiality clauses.

Warm Regards
Vish Prakash
Vice President IUNS an ISC AB

On Thu, 20 Aug 2020 at 00:56, Dewaard, Anita (ELS-HBE) <A.dewaard at elsevier.com<mailto:A.dewaard at elsevier.com>> wrote:
Five years ago, the UN General Assembly set forth 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) designed to pave the path to a more sustainable future. The goals are measured against various targets and indicators to be achieved by 2030. To make the best decision on which research to fund, program evaluators must have a clear view of the landscape of research supporting the SDGs. This understanding can reveal gaps requiring additional funding and support.
To identify the relevant research for each SDG, the RELX Corporate Responsibility program and several Elsevier Data Scientists have developed a crowdsourcing platform to facilitate matching research publications to the relevant SDGs. The purpose of this work is to create an open knowledge base to help identify which research supports which SDG. The aggregated crowdsourced set of article identifiers matched to SDG’s will be made available through Elsevier’s ICSR Lab, to support the scholarly community.
We hereby invite all community members to support this effort, by doing the following:

  1.  Access the SDG matching tool on the RELX SDG Resource Centre: https://sdgresources.relx.com/match-research-to-sdgs
  2.  Select a paper from the list, or upload a paper you think is related to one of the SDG’s
  3.  Choose the SDG indicators related to the paper.
The full set of article identifiers related to SDG’s will be made available for research purposes through the ICSR. You can apply for access to ICSR Lab: https://www.elsevier.com/icsr/icsrlab
For more on the RELX SDG Resource Center, see: https://www.elsevier.com/connect/7-ways-you-can-use-our-sdg-resource-centre

For more information on the RELX SDG efforts, please contact Bamini Jayabalasingham, b.jayabalasingham at elsevier.com<mailto:b.jayabalasingham at elsevier.com>

With kind regards,


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