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There is one week remaining for the submission of abstracts for the
Workshop on Education for Data Science.  We are looking for leaders who are
involved with educational programs to share experiences and lessons learned
for this rapidly emerging field.

The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, in collaboration with
CODATA, is organizing a workshop on *Education for Data Science*. The
purpose of the workshop is to discuss how Data Science should be taught in
academic institutions and what kind of training and retraining can help
support the need for new professionals in the data science ecosystem.

The workshop will deal with the following levels of education:

   1. Graduate programs intended for researchers and advanced (graduate)
   2. Undergraduate programs intended to students who wish to specialize in
   Data Science, either for career purposes or for postgraduate studies and
   3. Cross campus programs intended to expose all the students on campus
   in every discipline to Data Science, in order to train them to study, to
   do research, and to work in the digital world. Such programs ask: ‘what
   are the core data science skills that all researchers and university
   qualified individuals need?’
   4. Training Programs that will help to educate researchers and faculty
   members within academia and research institutions who are in need of the
   required new skills to operate in the ‘Big Data’/Data Science ecosystem.

CODATA is seeking expressions of interest from the international community
of people who would like to present and exchange experiences with data
science education.  We are looking for 15 international speakers to be part
of the program.  If required, some travel support may be provided.  Note
that we are planning for an in-person meeting, but will make adjustments as
we see how the pandemic evolves.  Options may be to do a hybrid
in-person/virtual meeting or possibly delay the meeting until it can be
in-person.  That decision will be made in sufficient time to assure
arrangements can be made effectively. Currently, the tentative date for the
workshop is February 7 – 9, 2021. It will be held at the Israel Academy of
Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem, Israel.

We are looking for participants from a wide variety of academic disciplines
– either to the developing and research side of Data Science, to new
programs that develop the discipline of Data Science or to the application
and user side (e.g., Physical Sciences, Digital Humanities, Law, Social and
Human Sciences, Life Science, Medicine).  Details about the meeting and
proposed structure are in the attached.

If you are interested in participating, we would like to have a 250-500
word abstract describing the program or research that you would like to
present.  Please send it along with information about your current position
and a CV or resume describing your background. Deadline for submission of
your interest in participating is extended to August 31, 2020.  Please note
that the workshop planning team would like to create a special issue in the
CODATA *Data Science Journal* on Education for Data Science.  Participants
in the Workshop are encouraged to plan on submitting a research or a
practice paper or any essay for that special issue. Statements of interest
should be sent to:

   - Asha Law, CODATA Programme Assistant: asha (at) codata.org
   - Simon Hodson, CODATA Executive Director: simon (at) codata.org

If you have any questions or would like additional information please
contact either:

   - Bonnie C Carroll, Secretary General, CODATA,  bcarrolltn (at) gmail.com
   - Simon Hodson, Executive Director, simon (at) codata.org

Read the full programme

With very best wishes,

Asha on behalf of Bonnie Carroll, Secretary General, CODATA

*Education for Data Science - A Collaborative Workshop:* Call for
abstracts, deadline 31 August

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