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John Helliwell john.helliwell at manchester.ac.uk
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Dear Colleagues,
I imagine that this article, which is open access, is relevant to your deliberations:-
Best wishes,

Emeritus Professor John R Helliwell DSc
IUCr Representative to CODATA
Chairman of the IUCr Committee on Data

On 7 Nov 2019, at 08:35, Kalpana Shankar <kalpana.shankar at ucd.ie<mailto:kalpana.shankar at ucd.ie>> wrote:

Hello all -

Thank you for this broad-ranging and fascinating suite of examples. I started going down the rabbit hole of looking at them.

Anatoly Volynets asked me how I came to this, and I admit it's not a project but part of a paper. I was part of a COST Action on peer review (peere.org<http://peere.org>) and we authored a piece on the need for data sharing in journal peer review. We've received feedback from the journal Nature and the editor asked if there were examples of competitors sharing data (the editor found it highly unlikely!), which is what we were asking of scientific publishers. Since research infrastructures and scholarly practices cross over in my wheelhouse, I offered to track down examples - I had a few, but not many, clearly.

If anyone is interested in what we wrote, we have a preprint at SocArxiv: https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/sr6eg/

After looking at all these links, I'm wondering if there IS a project in it.

Thank you!


Kalpana Shankar
Professor, School of Information and Communication Studies
Fellow, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy
University College Dublin
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