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miguel mahecha mmahecha at bgc-jena.mpg.de
Thu Oct 18 05:09:07 EDT 2018

*Dear friends of data driven Earth system sciences:*

The Earth System Data Lab (ESLD) https://www.earthsystemdatalab.net/ and 
iLEAPS http://www.ileaps.org/ invite young researchers to participate in 
a call for “early adopters” of the interface we build to explore Earth 
system processes at the global scale:

*What is the ESDL?*

A new virtual lab developed by an ESA project to simultaneously access a 
wide array of Earth observations across space, time and variables. Note, 
the idea is not to access high-resolution Satellite data, but rather to 
explore the joint information of derived data streams as produced by 
several international scientific teams (e.g. the ESA CCI projects). The 
ESDL consist of a highly curated “Earth system data cube” to investigate 
land-atmosphere interactions, and an interface to execute your own 
analyses on the data cube (using julia and python).

*Who can apply?*

This call is directed at early career researchers to co-shape these 
early developments of the ESDL. If you are a researcher at an early 
stage of your career, you are cordially invited submit a concise 
proposal for a self-contained project to showcase the potential and the 
limitations of the ESDL and help shaping it’s future way.

*How to apply?*

Submit a mini-proposal – 1000 words or less – explaining your intended 
project. The mini-proposals should clarify your scientific idea, 
question or application. Please specify which data streams you intend to 
use (from the ones already listed on the website, but feel free to 
request others), and in which context the research can be realized (your 
master thesis, your PhD thesis, your night time hobby, …). For details 

*What do we offer*


Neat infrastructure for data analytics, online training, 3000 Euros 
award for the 30 wining proposals


Information on the project is here: https://www.earthsystemdatalab.net/

A youtube video illustrating the approach is here: 

The call is detailed here: 


Miguel Mahecha on behalf of the ESDL-ESA-iLEAP team!

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