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Hi Falk,

As you know, I too have been involved in these sort of things for a long time and have suffered the same disappointments. And yes this declaration has both the old and new buzz words and only so much meaning. And yes this is just Europe right now. And yes governments and people continue to do bad things. The world is messy and riddled with evil.

BUT, as another outsider, I have sensed a real sea change in European science funding. I genuinely believe they are the current global leaders in pushing for ethical openness. Witness Plan S and the impact of the GDPR.

The politics and funding are complex and fraught, and I worry about European over-regulation, but I know both the politicians and the practitioners behind EOSC. They are committed and sensible. I think it likely that this will have significant impact. The world will continue to be messy, but there will be a step forward in the advancement of human knowledge and sharing.



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On 26 Nov 2018, at 11:46, Falk Huettmann <fhuettmann at alaska.edu<mailto:fhuettmann at alaska.edu>> wrote:

Dear all,

great to see data open and in the public. I always like to see friendly intents.
It's important to be done, globally, and with the sciences and all people in mind for sure.

Still, over the decades we have seen many of such eloquent announcements like below, such styles.
But then just see where things stand: what for and for whom, to what outcome ?

It's like a ~one page statement -signed by ministries etc - to fix the world via some EU action.

I mean, how naive is that ?

One must be in shock if that is really to be serious. The world is bigger than the EU and its 'global leadership'. I am not seeing it, really.

For reality, I propose just see for EU data on raptor (bird) poaching, Malta issues, fisheries, forest inventories,
bird banding, cancer clusters, habitat loss, socio-economic or air quality and contamination with statistical confidence and geo-referenced?
Many other examples exist, and think of Brexit, Switzerland or Norway (or Russia, China, Japan and Africa, + Brazil).
Where are those data, and in a good form, and how used and presented in 'the cloud' then, shared with the world, for a good world, with ISO compliant metadata ?

Happy to learn otherwise, but from experienmce I see many problems in that text.
It looks to me rather half-baked and not well thought out at all 'lacking teeth'.

For examples on similar (but bigger) statements see with Budapest Open Access, Berlin Declaration, GBIF, Kazbergi on Mountain Data and so on, publishers included.
And then see how those have progressed, or not. The cloud is just a add-on to those things; same style.
Again, I am happy to see things doing very well, but the track record leaves me very sad already.
We can only hope for the best then, in my view.

Very best
   Falk Huettmann PhD, Professor
    Uni of Alaska Fairbanks

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 9:01 AM anup kumar das <anupdas2072 at gmail.com<mailto:anupdas2072 at gmail.com>> wrote:
Here is the text:

The Vienna Declaration on the European Open Science Cloud
Vienna, 23 November 2018

We, Ministers, delegates and other participants attending the launch event of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC):
1. Recall the challenges of data driven research in pursuing excellent science as stated in the “EOSC Declaration” signed in Brussels on 10 July 2017.
2. Reaffirm the potential of the European Open Science Cloud to transform the research landscape in Europe. Confirm that the vision of the European Open Science Cloud is that of a research data commons, inclusive of all disciplines and Member States, sustainable in the long-term.
3. Recognise that the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud is a process, not a project, by its nature iterative and based on constant learning and mutual alignment. Highlight the need for continuous dialogue to build trust and consensus among scientists, researchers, funders, users and service providers.
4. Highlight that Europe is well placed to take a global leadership position in the development and application of cloud services for Science. Reaffirm that the European Open Science Cloud will be both European and open to the world, reaching out over time to relevant global research partners.
5. Recall that the Council - in its conclusions of 29 May 2018 - welcomed the implementation roadmap and the federated model for the European Open Science Cloud. It invited the Commission and all Member States to set up a common governance framework that ensures participation of stakeholders from the research community based on principles of transparency, openness and inclusiveness and an effective involvement of all Member States.
6. Note that the 2018 EOSC Summit (held on 11 June 2018) called for acceleration towards making the European Open Science Cloud a reality, hinting at the need to further strengthen the ongoing dialogue across institutions and with stakeholders, for a new governance framework to be launched in Vienna, on 23 November 2018.

We therefore:
7. Resolve to harness the many ongoing and planned activities at EU and Member States level to cooperate in establishing an inclusive partnership with a view to developing the European Open Science Cloud as a federated infrastructure that can enhance value-based, open, trusted, user-centric digital services across borders within the Digital Single Market (DSM).
8. Invite all Member States, as well as public and private stakeholders in Europe, to support actively this joint effort and the new European Open Science Cloud governance structure for a successful implementation of the initiative.
9. Call for the European Open Science Cloud to provide all researchers in Europe with seamless access to an open-by-default, efficient and cross-disciplinary environment for storing, accessing, reusing and processing research data supported by FAIR data principles.
10. Commit to support service provision for the European Open Science Cloud by helping connecting relevant national and disciplinary nodes to the pan-European level.
11. Reaffirm the potential of the European Open Science Cloud to enable first-class data-driven science and to stimulate new business models benefiting our society and the economy. Recognise that such services will create opportunities for both public and private sectors, notably by intensifying reuse of public sector information while preserving data integrity, and ensuring access, transparency within and across borders.

We therefore declare to work together towards realising the potential of the European Open Science Cloud for the benefit of citizens, society and the economy.

[The Vienna EOSC Declaration was developed by Paolo Budroni, University of Vienna, and Stefan Hanslik, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research in close cooperation with the European Commission.]

Further Details<https://eosc-launch.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/k_eosc_launch/EOSC_Vienna_Declaration_2018.pdf>

Dr. Anup Kumar Das
Centre for Studies in Science Policy
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi - 110067, India
ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9490-7938
Web: www.anupkumardas.blogspot.com<http://www.anupkumardas.blogspot.com/>
Twitter: @AannuuppK | @IndiaSTS

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 6:09 PM DE LUCA Massimo (EEAS-PRETORIA) <Massimo.DE-LUCA at eeas.europa.eu<mailto:Massimo.DE-LUCA at eeas.europa.eu>> wrote:
Dear Anand ,

Many thanks for the spreading the good news!

Hopefully, we'll hear more at the Science Forum in Pretoria next month where both JRC and RTD will attend and engage also on open science

Kind regards

Massimo DE LUCA
Delegation of the European Union to South Africa
First Counselor - Head of Trade and Economics
No. 1 Green Park Estates, 27 George Storrar Drive, Groenkloof, 0181
P.O. Box 945 Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0027
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Following a major effort by the European Commission, the Member States and the scientific community, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) <https://www.eosc-portal.eu/>  was launched to provide a safe environment for researches to store, analyse and re-use data for research, innovation and educational purposes. The Commission presented the governance structure and the portal to EU science ministers and future users at an Austrian EU Presidency conference<https://eosc-launch.eu/home/> in Vienna on  23rd Nov 2018 .

The Vienna Declaration on the European Open Science Cloud is at  https://eosc-launch.eu/declaration/

Details at https://www.eosc-portal.eu<https://www.eosc-portal.eu/>

My greetings to all colleagues who worked to make this possible.

Best wishes,


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