[CODATA-international] User requirements survey - Big Earth Data

Julia Wagemann Julia.Wagemann at ecmwf.int
Thu Nov 15 03:23:17 EST 2018

Dear colleagues,

Together with the data services team of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, I have developed a survey about user requirements of Big Earth Data.
We would like to know how users interact with large volumes of open environmental data and what challenges they currently face. Another section is about future data services and how users would like to interact with data services based on cloud computing.

The responses will help to steer developments and evolution of future data services, to make large volumes of environmental data better accessible.

I would be grateful if you could participate to this questionnaire. Your perspective and experience in different domains dealing with different kind of geospatial data will be of great value. The outcomes can be of interest for different CODATA working and task groups.

It would be great if you could share the survey within your network. The survey is of interest for anyone who is working with large volumes of raster data of any kind, e.g. Earth Observation data, meteorological forecasts, etc.

Link to the survey: https://goo.gl/DswSRB

Thank you for your help.
Best regards,

Julia Wagemann

Visiting scientist - "Making open meteorological and climate data better accessible"

Forecast Department - European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Shinfield Park, Reading, RG2 9AX, United Kingdom

Twitter: @JuliaWagemann

Participate in the "User Requirements Survey  - Big Earth Data"<https://goo.gl/DswSRB> and help to steer the development of future data services!

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