[CODATA-international] Requesting Your Inputs for integrating climate change topics in core curriculum

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Mon Jul 16 02:23:24 EDT 2018

TROP ICSU (https://tropicsu.org) is a global project
by the International Council of Science <https://www.icsu.org/>. It aims to
improve awareness of climate change and the science behind it among
students by developing teaching aids for teachers at the high school
(secondary school) and undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) levels.

These educational resources, with detailed step-by-step descriptions to use
them in regular lectures (see: https://tropicsu.org/resources/lesson-plans/),
are designed in such a way that in addition to bringing climate-related
examples and case studies to the core curriculum, they also enhance
conceptual understanding of the topics in basic science, mathematics and
other disciplines.

There are more than 10 such lesson plans on our website that could be used
by teachers of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Earth Science,
Social Science,  etc.

Before we scale this up and expand our activities further, we would like to
do a survey of teachers across the globe to get a feedback so that our
efforts would be more effective in the long run.

The short survey would take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete. Thank
you for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire. We assure you that
your responses will be treated as confidential.

The survey is available in several languages. Please choose your preferred
language from the list below:

   1. English:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/survey-english/
   2. Catalan:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/estudi-catalan/
   3. Chinese:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/survey-chinese/
   4. French:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/enquete-french/
   5. German:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/survey-german/
   6. Hindi:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/survey-hindi-2/
   7. Italian:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/survey-italian/
   8. Japanese:  https://tropicsu.org/educators-survey/japanese/
   9. Spanish:

We would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding the survey to a wide
audience of *teachers and teacher networks* in regions across the
world. The results of this survey will be posted on https://tropicsu.org after
collecting and analyzing the responses.


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