[CODATA-international] The ChinaGEOSS data portal released for emergency response to Iraq-Iran Earthquake at early of Nov 14

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Thu Nov 16 11:58:58 EST 2017

Hours after the earthquake along the border area between Iraq and Iran at
night of Nov 12, 2017, ChinaGEOSS launched the CDDR mechanism

(ChinaGEOSS Disaster Data Response) for emergency data response and got
quick support from most of China operational satellite agencies and

international partners.

An data portal for this event was released at 7:00 am of Nov 14, developed
by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth in CAS. It published
the first bundle of data contributed by China National Satellite
Meteorological Center, Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co.Ltd,

Guang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd and China Center for Resources
Satellite Date and Application, with 249 scenes image from 5 satellites.
More Chinese high resolution satellites have made special observing plan to
get post-disaster damage images as soon as possible. All the data is
applied a

clear data policy for ChinaGEOSS disaster cooperation.

International user can access these data and related information by the
link of http://www.chinageoss.org/IraqEarthQuake2017/en/index.html.

According to the normal condition, this call for observing activities will
last for about one week and the data service will keep open even after this

emergency stage. At this moment, this work has been supported by and
collaborated with many international organizations and programmes, such as

CDDR mechanism has been successfully launched two times for huge natural
disaster events around the world and played important role for the

disaster reduction, such as NewZealand earthquake at Nov of 2016 and Mexico
earthquakes at Sept of 2017. More than 7 Chinese agencies and 12

satellites have been involved in the past activities. It has been regarded
as a best practice of GEO-based emergency response for Sendai Framework,

paralleling with the government level mechanisms.

As for previous releases relating to the New Zealand and Mexico
earthquakes, the CODATA Task Group on *Linked Open Data for Global Disaster
Risk Research
strongly engaged in this initiative to share essential and timely data for
earthquake response and research

What has CODATA delivered recently? See
the CODATA Prospectus: Strategy and Achievement, 2015-2016

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