[CODATA-international] AGU 2017: Sessions on Trustworthy Data Repositories

Mustapha Mokrane mustapha.mokrane at icsu-wds.org
Fri Jun 30 05:52:09 EDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

You might be interested to learn about these two AGU 2017 related sessions
on data repositories featured in the Earth and Space Science Informatics
focus group. The first session is a Panel Format Session (alternate session
format) convened by the ICSU World Data System and panellists will be
invited. Please let us know by email if you are interested to present. The
second session is open for direct submissions. For both sessions, the
deadline for abstracts submissions is *2 August 2017, 23:59 EDT *and
abstracts will not be accepted after this date.

*IN057: Trustworthy Data Repositories to Increase the Visibility and Value
of Your Research Data *[Panel Format Session]

*Session Description:*
Data created and used by scientists should be managed, curated, and
archived in trustworthy data repositories to enable their reuse and ensure
integrity of science. Trustworthiness and sustainability of repositories
raises important organizational, technical, financial, and legal
challenges. Their reliability and durability depends on the quality and
transparency of their data management processes, the use of established
standards, their efforts for long-term preservation and how suitable their
services are for their designated community. Certification of
repositories—such as with the Core Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements
(https://goo.gl/PYsygW) developed by the World Data System and Data Seal of
Approval—is an independent and objective evaluation of repositories
reliability and durability which helps researchers, funders, librarians,
publishers ascertain which repositories to use. AGU participants interested
in data stewardship are invited to join this panel to learn from and share
experiences with data repositories stakeholders about the key issues facing
data repositories including certification.

*IN025: Earth and Environmental Data Repositories: Considerations for
Choosing the Most Appropriate*

*Session Description:*
As Earth Science research funders’ expectations for sharing of research
products increase, scientists grapple with how to manage their data,
software, and analytical workflows to ensure their persistence. Selecting
an appropriate repository may be a challenge for researchers who must
consider the communities a repository serves, the type of products it can
house, how the data will be shared by other repositories and/or published
through larger aggregation and integration efforts, licensing, persistent
identifier assignment, and quality of tools the repository offers for
discovery and reuse. Researchers may also be unable to meet repository
documentation and formatting requirements if they lack informatics
expertise. Presenters in this session will introduce their repositories
with the aim of providing recommendations to scientists about where to
archive their research products. The session also invites presentations on
tools that help scientists document and submit their data, or on lessons
learned or common problems encountered.

The deadline for submissions is *Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 23:59 EDT*.
Abstracts will not be accepted after this date.

Very best wishes.
Mustapha, on behalf of the Conveners


*Mustapha Mokrane*, PhD. | Executive Director
World Data System-International Programme Office
c/o NICT Europe Centre, 28 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris, France
Mob: +33 6 1201 2912  ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0925-7983
mustapha.mokrane at icsu-wds.org  | www.icsu-wds.org
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