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! New Publication on topics of methodological and practical solutions for
Implementing the UN SENDAI Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction !


Dear colleagues,


Volume 8 of CODATA-Germany series LNIS Lecture Notes in Information Sciences
is a compilation of various aspects in Risk Information Management.

Details (content list, order form) are available at


Results published in LNIS 8  are supporting the scientific and practical
solutions within the broader scope of the UN Sendai Framework on Disaster
Reduction !


Discussions are analyzed and compiled in a strategic paper on “Challenges in
Operational Risk Information Management”.


Information Management is element of nearly all paragraphs in the text of
the UN Sendai Framework.

Meeting the requirements in Information Mangement laid down in this document
is a very complex task on local, regional, national and international levels
throughout all phases of the NaTech disaster cycles and all types of actors.

While discussions are high on Indicators, the operational demands in all
phases of the disaster cycle are best met in starting broad and
interdisciplinary information infrastructures that enable the appropriate
complex analyses for decision support as well as enabling effective
communication of facts, results, alternatives and decisions for all type of
actors (the SENDAI Framework broadens the actor groups considerably).


With this publication we join again discussions on effective implementation
of the UN SENDAI Framework with respect to support of operational forces,
decisions, and action.


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sent by postal mail type “Books” from Berlin on July 1st

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