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Over the past year, research data management experts from eleven CESSDA archives (ADP<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Slovenia>, AUSSDA<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Austria>, CSDA<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Czech-Republic>, DANS<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Netherlands>, FORS<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Switzerland>, FSD<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Finland>, GESIS<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Germany>, NSD<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Norway>, SND<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Sweden>, So.Da.Net<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/Greece> and UK Data Service<https://www.cessda.eu/Consortium/CESSDA-Countries/CESSDA-Members/United-Kingdom>) have combined forces to create a detailed and thorough guide on data management across the research data life cycle.

The Expert Tour Guide<https://www.cessda.eu/DMGuide> introduces the concepts of data management and provides guidance to early career social scientists. With this tour guide, representing 15 hours of learning, CESSDA wants to contribute to increased professionalism in data management and to improve the value of research data. A downloadable checklist helps researchers who need to create a Data Management Plan.
The creatively designed module is comprised of six chapters and takes researchers on a journey through the different stages of their project, from the initial planning phase to the publication of the research data. Along the way, the reader is provided with illustrations and examples, as well as expert tips and insights into data management practices in different European countries.
The expert tour guide also provides guidance to help researchers answer questions such as: How do I handle personal data? What is the best way of documenting my data? How do I store my data safely? Can I share my data with others?
Curious to take the tour? Find it at cessda.eu/DMGuide<https://www.cessda.eu/DMGuide>
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