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RIMMA2016 International Interdisciplinary Workshop on 
Risk Information Management, Risk Models, and Applications 

 <http://rimma2016.net/> http://RIMMA2016.net


Join us for RIMMA2016 at early registration rates until May 9, 2016

RIMMA2016 is   t h e   event to discuss demands, innovations and
applications in Risk Information Management in all phases of the disaster
management cycle. 


One of the main aspects in 2016 is the effort needed for implementation of
the UN SENDAI Framework with perspectives requested until 2030.

The complexity of the corresponding information management is highly
challenging and appropriate methods and techniques need to be developed. 


Basic keywords: 

Information Deficits, Complexity, Information Infrastructure, Big Data,
Analysis, Decision Support



Welcome to the 5th Interdisciplinary Event of this series:



This international interdisciplinary workshop on Risk Information
Management, Risk Models, and Applications  will enable sharing of best
practices as well as giving space for discussing methodological problems in
risk modeling from the information systems point of view for all phases of
the disaster cycle.

The following areas will be of central interest for the workshop: 


-         risk information management, risk information models

-         UN SENDAI framework on disaster reduction implementation

-         risk databases, risk information interoperability, 

-         information infrastructure

-         standards development

-         risk information processes modelling and applications

-         services and service composition

-         natural, technical, biological, chemical risks from local to
international level

-         risk information system structure, components

-         risk-related databases

-         risk and multi-risk cartographic issues

-         risk data and risk-model change in time and space

-         risk modeling issues for infrastructure 
(e.g. factories, railways, highways, pipelines, maritime traffic etc.)

-         disaster management and emergency preparedness, prevention, alert,
response and mitigation

-         documentation, archiving, and open access to risk and disaster

-         health and biological risks issues for humans and the environment

-         risk communication
(decision making, actors, public awareness etc.)

-         urban neighborhood risk information and mapping

-         user-group and actor-specific risk management issues


According to the CODATA principles of the broadest interdisciplinary
discourse in the domain of Data for Science and Technology, contributions
come from different fields of the science communities to exchange best
practices and initiate recommendations for future research and development


Organized by CODATA-Germany 

The German National Committee to the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and



 <http://RIMMA2016.net> http://RIMMA2016.net


Workshop Chair                               Horst Kremers, Berlin (Germany)

Contact Workshop Co-Chair       Alberto Susini, Versoix (Switzerland)




Horst Kremers, Engineer, Information Scientist / Office 


P.O. Box 20 05 48, 13515 Berlin, Germany 


Parcel mail: 


Horst Kremers, 3271676 

DHL Packstation 148 

13581 Berlin, Germany 


mobile        +49 172 3211738 

FAX             +49 30 3728587 

FON            +49 30 20878902


 <mailto:office at Horst-Kremers.de> mailto:office at Horst-Kremers.de 


 <http://www.horst-kremers.de/> http://www.horst-kremers.de  


CODATA-Germany  <http://www.codata-germany.org/>

About CODATA:  <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIAoAQu_qjs>

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RIMMA2016 Berlin

International Interdisciplinary CODATA Workshop

Risk Information Management, Risk Models, and Applications

 <http://rimma2016.net/> http://RIMMA2016.net





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