[CODATA-international] Invitation to Submit to AGU Session: Darth Data: Awaken the forces to rescue old data for new discoveries!

David Gallaher david.gallaher at nsidc.org
Wed Jul 27 13:02:32 EDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite abstract submissions to the following AGU session:

Darth Data: Awaken the forces to rescue old data for new discoveries!

IN015 Session Description:
Research and discovery in the natural sciences, particularly for
documenting longitudinal

changes in our planet, is empowered by gathering, mining, and reusing
observational data.

However, as researchers increasingly realize that much of our 20th
Century and older scientific record

is no longer accessible and funding for activity in data rescue has
steadily increased.

However data cannot be rescued for the sake of the data alone. What are
the question or

problems that need to be answered with this data? In order to continue
to attract funding

it is critical that we show tangible value derived from this rescued data.

This session solicits papers from those, who have rescued dark data and
ensured its

sustainable preservation. Individual case studies are welcome,
particularly those that

demonstrate new scientific discoveries from the rescued data. Papers on
data rescue methodologies

will be accepted, especially those that show how tangible value is
demonstrated to funders.

Deadline to submit is August 3rd (a week from Wednesday) 23:59 EDT.
Please feel free to share this invitation with others.

Please pardon any duplication of this message.


Conveners: Kerstin Lehnert, Garrett Campbell, Lesley Wyborn, David Gallaher,

Also consider registration for the RDA/CODATA Workshop on "The Rescue of
Data At Risk", Boulder (Colorado, USA), on September 8-9, 2016, The week
before international Data Week, SciDataCon 2016 in Denver.

Please go to
http://www.codata.org/task-groups/data-at-risk/dar-workshops, where a
Call for Abstracts is also made.

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