[CODATA-international] IDCC17 Workshop on Technical Appraisal of Complex Digital Objects in Evolving Environments

Ligios, Linda linda.ligios at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Dec 13 06:37:43 EST 2016

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The PERICLES Consortium is delighted to announce their interactive workshop at IDCC 2017!

IDCC17 Workshop on Technical Appraisal of Complex Digital Objects in Evolving Environments, Monday 20 February 2017, Edinburgh
Traditionally, appraisal is understood as being the process carried out before ingest and leading to the decision of whether a digital object should be accessioned or not. However, when considering long term reuse of complex objects in evolving environments, a shift in the notion of appraisal will prove inevitable. Appraisal needs to be an integral part in on-going risk assessment workflows throughout the lifetime of the digital object. The sheer volume and complexity of digital content makes manual processing increasingly impractical as this implies also monitoring and predicting changes to the wider technical environment.
Our approach is based on the use of ontology models providing an abstraction of digital objects, their environment and associated dependencies. In the workshop we will demonstrate hands-on how tools informed by this approach model and visualise the potential impact of change on digital objects. Such tools enable curators to rapidly identify areas where there are risks to reuse and where further action is required.
More details on the IDCC17 workshop page<https://emea01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dcc.ac.uk%2Fevents%2Fidcc17%2Fworkshops%23workshop2&data=01%7C01%7Clinda.ligios%40KCL.AC.UK%7C7482c8d73b614b68b6e208d41f704e09%7C8370cf1416f34c16b83c724071654356%7C0&sdata=CqDbM1lVCrTH1jfcLSJ5xWW6YVV6c3anfRXGv5FdG%2Bg%3D&reserved=0>.
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Linda Ligios (EU Communications Coordinator) on behalf of PERICLES FP7
email: info at pericles-project.eu
website: http://www.pericles-project.eu/

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