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ESS is a new international scientific infrastructure to be built in Lund,
with the data management activities in Copenhagen. It will be a
multi-disciplinary science facility, serving life sciences, physics,
chemistry, and materials science, as well as energy and climate sciences. It
underpins the vision behind the recommendations of the OECD Megascience
Forum in 1999 for large-scale neutron facilities worldwide.


The construction of the ESS neutron source for materials science is a key
element in European efforts to further develop its world-leading large-scale
research infrastructures suite. A pan-European effort in 2002 produced a
Technical Report presenting a conceptual design and an associated Scientific
Case. In 2003, the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures
(ESFRI), set up by the Research Ministries of the Member States and
associated countries, concluded that a 5 MW long-pulse, single target
station layout for ESS with nominally 22 'public' instruments was the
optimum technical reference design that would meet the needs of the European
science community in the second quarter of the century.


By building ESS, a facility with unprecedented source performance utilising
the novel long-pulse technology, and operating it according to the practice
of scientific excellence and as a part of the European network of sources,
Europe will retain the world lead in research activities encompassing the
broad areas of science requiring neutron scattering methods.



see Annex1 for further scientific and technical details



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