[CODATA-international] Crystallography metadata workshop

Brian McMahon bm at iucr.org
Thu Aug 20 04:23:37 EDT 2015

Members of the list might like to know that there will be a
two-day workshop on "Metadata for raw data from X-ray
diffraction and other structural techniques" this coming
weekend in Rovinj, Croatia.  The proceedings will be streamed
live, and there is a detailed timetable at


if you would like to see what sessions might be of interest.

While this is a technical workshop about crystallographic practice,
we hope that the wider community will find it interesting to see
the specific requirements of one branch of science; and of course
there will be some attention to the broader question of how to
accommodate discipline-specific metadata in a distributed
information world of institutional repositories, data depositories
and digital libraries.

The Workshop is organised by the IUCr and the Croatian Association
of Crystallographers, and we're happy to acknowledge the support
of CODATA and a number of other sponsors, which has made possible
the live webcast.

We hope to "see" some of you there!

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