[CODATA-international] The Importance of Data Ethics in Research and Education

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Dear colleagues

We are living in a digitally transformed society. Data drives problem solving and better decision making. While the digital revolution has transformed the way we live, solving many issues; it has also given rise to numerous questions and challenges which affect everyone. What governance policies and frameworks are needed to make sure digital technologies and opportunities are available for everyone and there are no monopolies created? How do we make sure there are proper governance mechanisms in place to embed values in all data ecosystems?

The Ethical Data Initiative provides a neutral space to bring together diverse actors and stakeholders, shaping the future of data governance. In doing so, we aim to increase equality and inclusivity in the data space; building data confidence and empowering the digital citizens of tomorrow.

We are looking into key research questions on

  *   Do questions of data ethics and data privacy affect all of us?
  *   Who owns the data? Who benefits from my data?

  *   With data capitalism becoming an increasingly recognised concept, how do we avoid the pitfalls of feudalism and colonialism in this new landscape?

  *   How can we protect human rights in the digital platform economy?

  *   With the increase in data intensive research, and focus on data law and ethics in general, do you think it is time that data ethics should become an integral part of the education curriculum in schools and universities? Why?

  *   How can we build capacity for Data Ethics in universities and industry?

The Ethical Data Initiative<https://ethicaldatainitiative.org/> and the African Institute of Capacity Development (AICAD)<https://www.aicad.or.ke/>, hosted a Webinar exploring The Importance of Data Ethics in Research and Education. Details at


This is now available to watch online at https://ethicaldatainitiative.org/2023/03/30/the-importance-of-data-ethics-in-research-and-education-2/

If you are interested in building knowledge and capacity in data ethics or discussing potential areas for collaboration, please email me.

Best wishes


Dr Suchith Anand

Senior Adviser to Governments and International Organisations | Scientist | Board member | Governance | Policy | Consultant in Data Science and Data Ethics | Global Citizen | SDG Volunteer and Advocate




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