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We are excited to announce that the International Training Workshop on Open
Science and SDGs 2023  is now open for application
<https://ostraining2023.casconf.cn/>! As a feast of knowledge sharing, this
year’s onsite training will be arranged in Beijing, China, on  28 August  –
8 September, 2023. This years’ edition of the training workshop is planned
as an in-person event.

*The deadline for applications is 11:59 am CST (UTC+8) on 14 May 2023.*

Facing the grand challenges in the 21st century, open collaboration and
open science among global stakeholders are vital to ensure a healthier and
more sustainable planet for generations to come. As a direct response
to the UNESCO
Recommendation on Open Science
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) <https://sdgs.un.org/goals> of the
United Nations, the idea to co-design and co-build the Global Open Science
Cloud (GOSC) was proposed during the CODATA 2019 Beijing conference
<https://codata.org/events/conferences/codata-2019-beijing/>. Officially
inaugurated in 2021, GOSC
to encourage cooperation, alignment, and ultimately interoperability among
worldwide open-science research clouds/platforms/initiatives, so as to
tackle the major global scientific and human challenges. As a global
initiative, GOSC highlights the importance of capacity building for open
science and SDGs, with yearly international training programs launched to
fulfil its obligations for international collaboration and alignment.

This year, CAS  <https://english.cas.cn/>is cooperating with CODATA
<https://codata.org/>(and in particular its GOSC Initiative) and CBAS
<http://www.cbas.ac.cn/en/>to support the International Training Workshop
on Open Science and SDGs 2023. The upcoming event will be facilitated by CNIC,
CAS <http://english.cnic.cas.cn/> (convened by the GOSC IPO
), Chinese National Committee for CODATA <https://codata.org/china/>, CAS-TWAS
SDIM <http://sdim.aircas.cn/>, and WFEO CDRM
<http://www.wfeo.org/committee-disaster-risk-management/>. Uniting the
joint efforts of these organisations, the 2023 International Training
Workshop will focus on generic knowledge and skills for open science as
well as best practices across domains for SDGs. Qualified trainees will
receive funding support to attend the onsite training (28 August – 8
September, 2023, Beijing, China).

See *https://ostraining2023.casconf.cn
<https://ostraining2023.casconf.cn/> *to learn more about the training
methods and themes, eligibility and the application process.




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*New WorldFAIR Project Deliverables!* Mapping Report: Cultural Heritage
image sharing platforms <https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7659002> and Ocean
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Jan 2023 publications
<https://codata.org/january-2023-publications-in-the-data-science-journal/> in
the CODATA Data Science Journal <https://datascience.codata.org/>

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