[CODATA-international] CODATA Statement on the February 2023 Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

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Resilience and Trust in Turkey & Syria
*Why data matters in the face of human tragedy*A CODATA statement of support

*Paris, 1 March 2023*

As members of the International Science Council
<https://council.science/> (ISC)’s
Committee on Data (CODATA), we express our heartfelt support for the people
of Turkey and Syria as they confront the devastation of the earthquakes
that wrecked tragedy on their families, homes, communities, and nearly
every aspect of their lives. Our colleagues of data scientists from around
the world are saddened as we see the impact of this disaster on so many
innocent lives. We expressed our condolences to all those who lost loved
ones, suffered injury, or otherwise saw their lives torn asunder.

Science – with its objective and descriptive approach to the world – would
not appear to be the most compassionate or even most needed activity when
responding to such events that first awaken our deepest feeling regarding
the value of humanity and the need to alleviate suffering. Perhaps the
cold, indifferent and calculating world of data appears far distant to what
is truly of importance and most to be cherished in our human lives.

However, not only the international community of scientists, but science
itself is hardly indifferent; its role in preventing suffering and
restoring health and prosperity as much as the rescue worker or the
paramedic is engaged in saving lives on the scene of disaster. Our work is
different, though perhaps no less vital. The inherent value of science lies
in benefiting the well-being and flourishing of humans as well as
alleviating pain, suffering and early, unexpected deaths.

Robust data systems underpin science’s ability to understand hazards and
risks before they turn into a disaster, preventing altogether or
significantly reducing human suffering. And, when we cannot mitigate
disaster, when science cannot sufficiently foresee it or ward it off, then
we need the immediacy of a robust scientific response built on reliable
data for the scientist, but also for the rescue worker, for the
decision-makers, and – of no less importance – for society at large and
those in need of help.

Confronted with the terrible disaster of these earthquakes, as members of
the scientific community, we are ever more committed to making data science
serve for humanity as we witness the enormous strength and courage of the
Turkish and Syrian communities in their brave response to tragedy.

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