[CODATA-international] Successful Launch to the Campaign for Data Ethics in Education

Suchith Anand Suchith.Anand at nottingham.ac.uk
Sun Jun 4 02:22:12 EDT 2023

Dear colleagues

I have some ethical queries and appreciate your advice and guidance.

What is the impact of Data Colonialism for African countries and for the people of Africa?

Who owns Africa Geo Portals?  What are the costs to be payed per year to the GIS Vendor Owners by African countries and citizens in a few years' time for accessing Earth Observation data and insights?



This Data Values article which looks into  Digital Feudalism in Earth Observation data affecting farmers might be of interest. I thank the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD)  for inviting me to write this article. More details at https://datavaluesdigest.substack.com/p/how-digital-feudalism-hurts-farmers

Why is the impact of Data Feudalism and Data Colonialism not included in the GIS Curriculum?  Is it because of some GIS Vendor “sponsorship” pressure?

What policies and curriculum are universities, educators adopting to reduce GIS Vendor Feudalism/Colonialism in GIS education?

What is the impact of trust and credibility of science when there are examples of some GIS vendors now trademarking and using “Science” as part for their brand/marketing/sales of their products/services?

Is it Ethical for any GIS Vendors using “science” as part of marketing strategy for selling/promoting their products/services/brand. Is using “science” as part of marketing for selling/promoting products/services/brand by GIS vendors misinformation ?

What is the ethical impact of vendor “sponsorship” of scientific conferences, scientific journals in return for promoting their brand as the Science of a topic  through the scientific associations website, social media etc  for  Geographic Information Science discipline as a whole?

What will be the impact of this for Integrity of Science?

What is the impact of this for Humanity?

More details at  http://lists.codata.org/pipermail/codata-international_lists.codata.org/2023-February/002744.html

Ethical frameworks in governance at all levels (from global to national to local) are important to protect democracy, protect human rights and prevent corruption.

Best wishes


From: Suchith Anand
Sent: 26 May 2023 22:29
Subject: Successful Launch to the Campaign for Data Ethics in Education

Dear colleagues,

The African Association of Universities (a University Association counting over 400 Universities across the African Continent), the University of Nottingham and the Ethical Data Initiative launched the Campaign for Data Ethics in Education with a successful online event this week.

The event, a panel discussion on Data Ethics Policy in Higher Education, was streamed live on AAU TV.  More information on the panel is at https://ethicaldatainitiative.org/2023/05/12/data-ethics-policy-in-higher-education/

The lively panel discussion took place between African experts in International Development, Data Science, Technology and Education, and touched on important questions such as:

  *   Who owns our data? Who benefits from our data?
  *   How we might avoid the pitfalls of feudalism and colonialism in this new and constantly evolving landscape.
  *   Whether, and why, it might be time for data ethics to become an integral part of the education curriculum in schools and universities.
  *   How can we can build capacity for Data Ethics in universities and industry.

The recording of the event is available to watch at https://ethicaldatainitiative.org/2023/05/26/successful-launch-to-the-campaign-for-data-ethics-in-education/

The Ethical Data Initiative were delighted to be invited to partner with the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD)  to deliver Data Ethics training to over 50 data science faculty and PhD supervisors from its consortium of over 20 universities across Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The course took place from 2-15 May, 2023. The graduate studies supervisor course aimed not only to teach key fundamentals of Masters and PhD research supervision, but also to equip attendees with up-to-date and relevant information to address the challenges of supervising data science postgraduate courses in the modern age.

Details at https://ethicaldatainitiative.org/2023/05/18/data-ethics-and-rri-faculty-training-in-aicad-universities/

With hundreds of universities across the world already supporting our Campaign for Data Ethics in Higher Education, there is huge momentum building.

If you are working towards, or planning on working towards, including Data Ethics in your university curriculum – or are planning on expanding your current offering – we would like to hear from you.

Best wishes


Dr Suchith Anand

Senior Adviser to Governments and International Organisations | Scientist | Board member | Governance | Policy | Consultant in Data Science and Data Ethics | Global Citizen | SDG Volunteer and Advocate




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