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​*CODATA International Data Policy Committee
workshop: The need for data policy in times of crisis *

24 October 2022, 13:00 – 16:30 CEST, part of the 2nd FAIR Convergence

*Workshop Registration*

Please use this link
register for the workshop as well as for other sessions that may interest
you in the FAIR Convergence Symposium 2022, held online and in Leiden, NL,
24-26 October 2022. Registration is free.

*Workshop Description*

[image: Timeline Description automatically generated with medium
workshop discusses the important role of data policy in relation to crisis
situations. It examines the scientific, political, and societal elements
that need to be considered in preparing for, and responding to, crises. We
will explore how data policy contributes to the development of
interoperability frameworks across disciplines and sciences and, relatedly,
demonstrate the importance of developing proactive data policy to generate
effective evidence-based understandings that can provide for responses and
solutions to complex global challenges. Data policy is required to ensure
smooth interdisciplinary collaboration in disaster or disruptive situations
that threaten lives and the public wellbeing. This workshop will provide
the groundwork for a multi-disciplinary approach to developing data policy
for crisis situations.

Building on the International Science Council (ISC)’s vision, this workshop
centers on science as a public good, including times of serious societal
and natural disruptions to healthy and stable social environments.
Well-developed and documented data policy for crisis situations is of vital
importance to ensuring that the voice of science plays a strategic role in
local, national, regional, and global preparedness and response to
disasters or significantly disruptive situations.

*Workshop Objectives*

The principal objective of this workshop will be to examine the scientific,
political, and societal frameworks needed to develop data policy with a
view towards crisis situations. In this context, the workshop will pursue
the following specific objectives:

   1. promoting cross-disciplinary integration of data policy in crisis
   situations through a reliance on cross-cutting frameworks for data
   generation, data processing, and data sharing: the FAIR Data Principles,
   data integrity, data stewardship, and data ethics;
   2. relating data policy in crisis situations to specific humanitarian
   objectives within a global context: respecting human rights, fundamental
   freedoms, humanitarian law, and acting mindfully of the UN Sustainable
   Development Goals (SDGs);
   3. developing data policy that increases the role and reliability of
   evidence-informed understanding in decision-making by public and private
   actors during crisis situations;
   4. providing support in crisis situations through data policy for the
   ongoing pursuit of science by individuals and as an enterprise (including
   through universities, governments, and international organizations),
   particularly in the locals or regions affected by a societal or natural
   5. using data policy to promote the responsible practice and use of
   science in crisis situations;
   6. ensuring and promoting the place of Open Science in crisis situations
   by considering the roles of data sharing, Open Access, and Open Publication
   in data policy;
   7. developing an understanding of the role of data diplomacy in data
   policy when responding to crisis situations;
   8. ensuring that data policy supports the social and technical pathways
   that enable the sharing and re-use of data in crisis situations,
   particularly as it relates to the grass-roots, inclusive, and community
   approaches promoted by the ‘Data Together <https://datatogether.org/>’
   organisations, CODATA <https://codata.org/>, GO FAIR
   <https://www.go-fair.org/>, the Research Data Alliance (RDA)
   <https://www.rd-alliance.org/about-rda>, and the World Data System
   9. contributing, through the WorldFAIR
   and related activities, to the role of data policy in crisis situations to
   the International Science Council (ISC) <https://council.science/> Action
   Plan Project 2.1, led by CODATA through the ISC CODATA Decadal Programme
   <https://codata.org/initiatives/decadal-programme2/>: ‘Making Data Work
   for Cross-Domain Grand Challenges’; and
   10. developing the role of data policy in crisis situations with regard
   to the role of Open Science with a view towards CODATA’s Global Open
   Science Cloud (GOSC)
   well as specific national and regional initiatives, including the European
   Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
   the China Science and Technology Cloud (CSTCloud)
   <http://www.cstcloud.cn/>, the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)
   <https://ardc.edu.au/>, the Malaysian Open Science Platform
   <https://www.akademisains.gov.my/mosp/about/>, the African Open Science
   , LA Referencia <http://www.lareferencia.info/en/>, NDRIO
   <https://engagedri.ca/>, and NFDI <https://www.nfdi.de/?lang=en>.

*Indicative Agenda*

All times CEST (UTC +2).


Overview of the workshop and introduction of the speakers


Session 1: Science and data policy at the coalface of the international
response to local and regional crises: The need for data policy in mapping


Session 2: Data generation, data processing, data sharing, and the role of
the FAIR Data Principles in data policy responding to crisis situations


Health Break


Session 3: Data policy, Open Science, and decision-making in crisis


Discussion: What actions need to be taken to advance data policy in times
of crisis


Summary of the workshop and next steps





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