[CODATA-international] Third Global Open Science Workshop at the EGI Conference, 22 September

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We are pleased to announce the 3rd Global Open Science Workshop which will
be held on 22nd September, during the EGI Conference 2022, Prague and
online. We warmly invite you to be part of the event and join the

The Workshop takes place on 22 September and the programme can be found at:

The Workshop is part of the EGI Conference 2022, 20-22 September, for which
the full conference program can be found at:

Online registration is free:

In person registration has a fee
https://indico.egi.eu/event/5882/page/106-register-now (use code ’science’)

This workshop are organised together with EGI flagship project, EGI-ACE,
and all speakers are sponsored by the project.

We think the resulting programme is very interesting! The first session
will focus on CODATA GOSC discussions, starting with a keynote from CODATA
Executive Director Simon Hodson who will give an overview of GOSC activities
introduce the new EC-funded project, WorldFAIR. It follows by 2 well
developed Case Studies — Radar group by Dr Ingemar Haggstrom from EISCAT,
and SDG-13 group by Dr Lili Zhang from CNIC, and they will present users’

In order to answer the question *How GOSC can help*? A second keynote will
come from GOSC TI Group, and Prof Jianhui Li will present the proposed
technology solutions. Further, we will dig deep into 3 technical areas:
AAI, Cloud federation and Data Interoperability, and we are honoured to
invite leading technical experts, Incl. Dr Nicolas Liampotis who leads the
EOSC AAI discussion, Dr Enol Fernandez who leads the EGI FedCloud task
force, and Dr Milan Ojsteršek who chairs the GOSC DI group.

The second session focuses on the concrete implementation cases. This time
we bring in the discussions with global cloud industries, and Dr Ye Huang
from China Alibaba will give a keynote on advanced Cloud technology in
Alibaba and their collaboration use cases with CNIC.

The rest of the session will celebrate the success of the Cloud federation
across regions and countries achieved via EGI-ACE. We will learn the
challenges of connecting regional clouds of China and South Africa with
EGI; we will also learn the successful stories of connecting national
clouds of Hungary, Romania, Armenia with EGI.



*CODATA Research Data Management Terminology (2022 edition): *feedback
requested! Closing
date, 30 September

*Data Science Journal Call
for Papers, Data Management Planning across Disciplines and Infrastructures:*
 deadline 15 November

*WorldFAIR: Global cooperation on FAIR data policy and practice –
*Kick-Off Meeting introduces major
new initiative to advance implementation of the FAIR data principles

*Stop squandering data: make units of measurement machine-readable*
<https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-01233-w> - *CODATA DRUM TG
comment article in Nature*

June 2022 publications
<https://codata.org/jun-2022-publications-in-the-data-science-journal/> in
the CODATA Data Science Journal <https://datascience.codata.org/>

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