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Please see below, the public review of DDI-Codebook (version 2.6).

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> Begin forwarded message:
> From: Jared Lyle <lyle at umich.edu>
> Subject: [DDI-users] DDI Alliance Public Review: DDI-Codebook (Version 2.6)
> Date: 12 September 2022 at 21:10:10 CEST
> To: Data Documentation Initiative Users Group <ddi-users at icpsr.umich.edu>, "DDI Structural Reform Working Group." <ddi-srg at icpsr.umich.edu>, "Clement, Ryan via discuss list" <discuss at lists.iassistdata.org>
> Cc: DDI Executive Board <ddiexecutiveboard at umich.edu>, DDI Scientific Board <ddiscientificboard at umich.edu>, Wendy Thomas <wlt at umn.edu>
> The DDI Alliance (http://www.ddialliance.org/ <http://www.ddialliance.org/>) is pleased to announce the Public Review of DDI-Codebook (Version 2.6). DDI-Codebook is a more light-weight version of the DDI suite of products, intended primarily to document the content, meaning, provenance, and access for a single data set.  DDI-Codebook remains in wide use by social science data repositories and by the International Household Survey Network (IHSN), and continues to be maintained and updated by the DDI Alliance.
> This new version of the DDI specification includes important updates and new content, including:
> Personal identifiers within the Citations section
> Clearer and more consistent approach to the use of external controlled vocabularies
> Better support for Structured Data Transformation Language (SDTL)
> Improved documentation at the element level
> High-level information for managing identification, controlled vocabularies, geospatial content, and other cross-element usage
> Links to the review package and instructions for comment are found at: https://ddi-alliance.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DDI4/pages/2848718849/Public+Review+-+Codebook+Version+2.6 <https://ddi-alliance.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DDI4/pages/2848718849/Public+Review+-+Codebook+Version+2.6>
> We are eager to obtain feedback from a broad community on this specification. The comment period is open until October 31, 2022, and we hope to hear from you!
> Jared Lyle
> Executive Director, DDI Alliance <https://ddialliance.org/>
> ICPSR <https://www.icpsr.umich.edu/>, University of Michigan
> lyle at umich.edu <mailto:lyle at umich.edu>
> Follow the DDI Alliance on Twitter <https://www.twitter.com/ddialliance>
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