[CODATA-international] ICTP Workshop on Ethical and Societal Challenges of Machine Learning | 7-11 November

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*Ethical and Societal Challenges of Machine Learning*
7-11 November 2022
An ICTP Virtual Meeting, Trieste, Italy

*Online Application <http://indico.ictp.it/event/9839/> |  Further Details
Deadline: 27 October 2022

>From helping farmers adapt to climate change to predicting disease
outbreaks, scientists in developing countries have begun turning to ML for
more effective solutions. With this potential, however, comes the
possibility for abuse, misuse, and unintended consequences.


   - Embedding Ethics Education in Machine Learning: case studies from
   various parts of the world that demonstrate the need for a wider
   perspective on ML ethical challenges.
   - Big data, privacy and democracy: ethical questions linked with big
   data exploitation, privacy and the dangers for democracy.
   - Machine Learning, bias and fairness: problems of ML amplified bias,
   and some of the possible solutions.
   - Diversity in ML: causes and impact of this lack of diversity, and some
   of the success stories that demonstrate how diverse teams are more
   - Impact of new technologies: impacts of novel technologies like TinyML
   and global satellite-enabled internet services, especially on people in
   least developed countries.
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