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The GOSC (Global Open Science Cloud initiative) and other activities in the
ISC CODATA Decadal Programme ‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand
Challenges’, are addressing topics around large-scale data interoperability
across domain and institutional boundaries. This presentation covers some
important activities under the DP in this regard, with the idea that they
might also prove useful for consideration within a GOSC frame. Development
efforts toward a Core Interoperability Framework are central to many of
these activities.

The Core Interoperability Framework (CIF) is an emerging idea for a set of
guidelines around domain-agnostic standards for supporting the
implementation of interoperability and reusability of FAIR data, especially
across domain- and institutional boundaries. While the FAIR Digital Object
Framework (FDOF) promises to enable applications to find data and metadata
objects of interest, and to locate their metadata schemas, it does not by
itself guarantee interoperability. The CIF would provide a list of
standards in a range of functional roles to support the next level of
interoperability, but giving domains the “lingua franca” against which to
map domain-specific standards and ontologies. Such standards as Schema.org
<http://schema.org/>, DCAT, SKOS, PROV-O, DDI-CDI, and I-ADOPT are being
suggested. The functional roles include the description of units and
measurements, the relation of variables to concepts and consistent
descriptions of data structure.  The work around the CIF is based
on practical use-cases, and has been slowly growing out of various
activities conducted under CODATA’s Decadal Programme. It is still in early
stages, but reflects an emerging consensus among many of the participants
in this endeavour.

This event is intended for the GOSC Data Interoperability Working Group,
the GOSC initiative more broadly, and any other interested parties. We will
outline the current thinking about the CIF, and describe how it will be
further explored in the WorldFAIR project and through other case studies.
Time will be accorded to discussion in order to gather feedback and
identify areas for collaboration and further work.

The event will be run twice to maximise the possibility of attendance at
times that may be convenient for different timezones.

REGISTER: GOSC DataIO Webinar on the emerging Core Interoperability
Framework 1, 13:00 UTC, Thu 31 March:
REGISTER: GOSC DataIO Webinar on the emerging Core Interoperability
Framework 2, 21:00 UTC, Thu 31 March:



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