[CODATA-international] Fwd: Three important online events next week: ISC COVID report session, UNESCO Open Science Recommendation session and the Conference on the Ukraine crisis

Simon Hodson, ED CODATA simon at codata.org
Fri Jun 10 09:44:30 EDT 2022

To the CODATA International Community, Greetings;

There are three events organised, or co-organised, by the International Science Council, coming up in rapid succession next week, which I think may be of interest to the wider CODATA community.

Please see below the message from Gabriela Ivan of ISC.

With very best wishes,


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> Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Gabriela Ivan" <gabriela.ivan at council.science>
> Subject: 3 important online events next week: ISC COVID report session, UNESCO Open Science Recommendation session and the Conference on the Ukraine crisis
> Date: 8 June 2022 at 13:27:48 CEST
> To: simon at codata.org
> Reply-To: gabriela.ivan at council.science
> Dear colleague,
> We wanted to alert you again to three special online sessions next week on the new flagship ISC COVID report, the UNESCO Open Science Recommendation and the Conference on the Ukraine crisis. These ISC events will represent opportunities for engagement and we look forward to seeing you online. It will be a busy week of events, and we urge you to share the invitations amongst your representatives and staff.
> 1. Special invitation to introduce you to the ISC COVID report
> Specifically for National Academies of sciences (natural, social, humanities, medical and others) - but all are welcome to attend - this session is dedicated to the policy implications of the ISC report "Unprecedented & Unfinished: COVID-19 and Implications for National and Global Policy"  <https://link.council.science/click/1nytqX9EFSawFm.oD-1oQ9H7XHhP/bex7aJsq/3s/link.council.science/click/1nwRJv4ba5eSQC._yV-_h2scx9DW/FJXF3pu2/3s/council.science/publications/covid19-unprecedented-and-unfinished/>launched recently at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. We understand there may be pandemic fatigue, but we ask you to keep an open mind to this session, where the report has been well received by peers and intergovernmental bodies alike. Make sure your voice is heard.
> Speakers:
> Special Address by:
> Dr Soumya Swaminathan, WHO Chief Scientist
> Discussion with: 
> Prof Sir Peter Gluckman, ISC President 
> Prof Salim Abdool Karim, ISC Vice-President for Outreach and Engagement
> Prof Sir Stephen Holgate CBE FmedSci, MRC Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine, Southampton, speaking on behalf of the Academy of Medical Sciences, United Kingdom
> There will be two sessions to cater for different time zones on 14 June and 15 June:
> Session 1
> 14 June, 12:30 UTC | 14:30 CEST
> Session 2
> 15 June, 07:00 UTC | 09:00 CEST
> Register: https://council.science/special-invitation/ <https://link.council.science/click/1nytqX9EFSawFm.oD-1oQ9H7XHhP/pLHbZhaC/3s/council.science/special-invitation/>
> 2. Conference on the Ukraine crisis: responses from the European higher education and research sectors
> Science for Ukraine, All European Academies (ALLEA), Kristiania University College, Norway, and the ISC are jointly organizing a half-day online conference on 15 June titled “The Ukraine crisis: responses from the European higher education and research sectors”.
> We invite you to join this important conversation to address the role of the higher education and research sectors across Europe, and beyond, in supporting and rebuilding these sectors in Ukraine. This consultative conference will bring together key organizations and individuals working to support at-risk, displaced and refugee scholars and researchers. The goal is to learn from what works, identify good practice, and draft recommendations for both the medium and long term.
> Please join us on 15 June, from 07:00 UTC/ 9:00 CEST by registering at the following link: https://council.science/events/ukraine-crisis-responses-european-higher-education-research/ <https://link.council.science/click/1nytqX9EFSawFm.oD-1oQ9H7XHhP/Qc3tGRN3/3s/council.science/events/ukraine-crisis-responses-european-higher-education-research/>
> 3. ISC Session on the UNESCO Open Science Recommendation
> We invite you to a Knowledge Sharing session introducing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science  <https://link.council.science/click/1nytqX9EFSawFm.oD-1oQ9H7XHhP/DMebJx-V/3s/en.unesco.org/science-sustainable-future/open-science/recommendation>and next steps towards its implementation with Member States and the scientific community. Featured speakers include:
> • Ana Persic, Division of Science Policy and Capacity-Building Natural Sciences Sector UNESCO; 
> • Geoffrey Boulton, ISC Governing Board Member; 
> • Christophe Cudennec, Secretary General of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences.
> There will be two sessions on 14 June and 15 June:
> Session 1
> 14 June, 07:30 UTC | 09:30 CEST
> Session 2
> 15 June, 14:30 UTC | 16:30 CEST
> Please join us by registering to the following link: https://council.science/events/isc-members-session-on-the-unesco-open-science-recommendation/ <https://link.council.science/click/1nytqX9EFSawFm.oD-1oQ9H7XHhP/nGBMxEHc/3s/council.science/events/isc-members-session-on-the-unesco-open-science-recommendation/> 
> It was a pleasure to share the invitations to these ISC special sessions. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch. 
> With best regards, 
> Gabriela 
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