[CODATA-international] GeoForAll panel at The International Association for the Study of the Commons IASC 2023

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Sun Aug 28 18:34:03 EDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) https://iasc-commons.org 2023 Conference Call for Panels might be of interest.

It will be great to have GeoForAll panel (or individual papers)  around open education, open data or FOSS4G software at IASC 2023. Please email Charlie Schweik ( cschweik at umass.edu<mailto:cschweik at umass.edu>) if you are interested to contribute to this session.

Teaching the Commons Video and Podcast Contest for World Commons Week 2022  might be of interest .  Details at https://wcw2022.iasc-commons.org/teaching-video-contest/

This will also help GIS educators to think on the current GIS curriculum and  Ethics of Digital Feudalism in GIS Education.

  *   What policies and curriculum are universities, educators adopting to reduce Digital Feudalism in GIS education?

  *   Do your courses cover topics on data rights, digital citizenship ?


  *   Are there any university policies and code of conduct to follow if any academics/researchers are funded by any vendor (for example, through GIS vendor funded faculty posts , research funding by any GIS vendors)?


  *   Can academics and researchers publish articles on GIS education promoting the vendor products (either directly or indirectly)?


More details at https://datavaluesdigest.substack.com/p/how-digital-feudalism-hurts-farmers

Best wishes


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Subject: [Geo4All] Two events of possible interest to promote GeoForAll and OSGeo-related work

Dear GeoForAll colleagues,

I’m writing you to let you know about two upcoming events GeoForAll members might be interested in. Apologies in advance for a longish email.

1. World Commons Week2022<https://wcw2022.iasc-commons.org/> – Teaching Video and Podcast contest.

World Commons Week (WCW) is an online, global event I’ve been running for 5 years out of the International Association for the Study of the Commons ([iasc-commons.org]IASC-commons.org).  WCW is an event meant to celebrate scholarship and practice around “the commons”. Open Source Geospatial software and open access educational materials are both examples of “digital commons.” You may remember that GeoForAll did a webinar in the WCW2020 event<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqrUQ9apFkc>.

In this year’s WCW 2022 event, we are running a Teaching the Commons Video and Podcast Contest<https://wcw2022.iasc-commons.org/teaching-video-contest/>. More information about this is below [1]. It would be wonderful to see some GeoForAll education or OSGeo-related software submissions in this contest! Submission deadline is November 15th.

2. IASC’s biennial international conference will be in Nairobi, Kenya in June 2023<https://2023.iasc-commons.org/>

It would be wonderful to see some GeoForAll activity there. Many of the conference sub-themes<https://2023.iasc-commons.org/#conference-sub-themes> are of interest to people affiliated with GeoForAll. There is a call for Panels out right now and Subtheme #10 is “Opportunities and challenges of the digital commons.”

A GeoForAll panel (or individual papers) around open education, open data or FOSS4G software would be a welcomed contribution!

It might even be possible to organize a set of papers that could, potentially, lead to a special issue in the International Journal of the Commons that I could help navigate if there is interest.

Or, it might be possible – if someone wanted to propose this – run a workshop on Open Source GIS, co-located at this event. If you are interested in any of these ideas, email me at cschweik at umass.edu<mailto:cschweik at umass.edu>.

Finally, related to #2, the conference organizers are actively looking for conference financial sponsors to help scholars and students from African countries get to this conference. If there are any GeoForAll or OSGeo affiliated projects or organizations who would like to be a conference sponsor, please contact me.

I hope some of you will consider participating on one or both events to help promote GeoForAll and FOSS4G!

Professor Charlie Schweik

President-elect of the International Association for the Study of the Commons<https://iasc-commons.org/>


[1] WCW Video/podcast contest

The aim of this contest is to produce a high-quality, well-conceptualized video or podcast that is 3-5 minutes long and instructional around commons terminology or commons-related concepts. Video or Podcast entries should target either: primary school age children; secondary or high school age children; university undergraduate and graduate students; or the general public.

Professor, Dept of Environmental Conservation and School of Public Policy
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Associate Director, Public Interest Technology at UMass<https://groups.cs.umass.edu/pit/pit-at-umass/>
President-elect (2023-25), International Association for the Study of the Commons<https://iasc-commons.org/>
Co-founder, WorldLibrarians.org<http://worldlibrarians.org>
Co-lead, UMassAir.org<http://UMassAir.org>
Twitter: @cschweik<https://twitter.com/cschweik>
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/charles.schweik.9

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