[CODATA-international] Study to understand the scale of Racial Injustice in GIS/EO

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Dear Suchith,
As you probably know there is an extensive literature on GIS and development in Africa. The article you cite suggests that the use of proprietary software is the major cause of the inequities facing young African scholars and suggests the use of FOSS. The problem is much more complex than this proposed solution. There are many studies on the effect of external top down approaches which tend to increase  dependency and often contribute to the ‘brain drain’ facing African countries. I am not aware of any studies dealing specifically with racial injustice but there may well be some.

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Dear colleagues,

I came across this article on ”Use of Proprietary Software in the Aid Sector Perpetuates Racial Injustice “ at


It is disappointing to read that African colleagues are not able to participate as equals in humanitarian and development work in their own continent.

I would like to learn and  understand more the scale of Racial Injustice in GIS/EO initiatives, projects , educational courses etc. Could I request you to share any information on this topic so I can learn more as I am writing an article on this topic.

I am looking for co-authors for this study and article. If you are interested to be a co-author for this study and article please email me at Suchith.Anand at ethicaldatainitiative.org<mailto:Suchith.Anand at ethicaldatainitiative.org> by 5th Sep 2022.

Are there any barriers for participation of economically poor colleagues and students in any GIS/EO Initiatives, projects , educational courses etc that you are aware of? If so, please provide details?

How can we replace the cycle of exclusion with a virtuous cycle of inclusion and human development?

Please email me your ideas and suggestions  at Suchith.Anand at ethicaldatainitiative.org<mailto:Suchith.Anand at ethicaldatainitiative.org>

Best wishes


Dr Suchith Anand

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