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*Evaluation of Science Indicators of Public Funded R&D Institutions*
Published by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the
Government of India, in association with the Confederation of Indian
Industry (CII), 2022.

   - *Report on Public Funded R&D Organisations, Volume 1
   - *Report on Public Funded R&D Organisations, Volume 2

*Table of Contents*

   - Section 1 - Overview of the Study
   - Section 2 - Findings - Innovation Excellence Indicators
   - Section 3 - Performance of Public Funded R&D institutions
   - Section 4 - Appendices

This framework for assessment of innovation excellence of the public funded
R&D institutions has been developed with the following objectives:

   - To infuse a spirit of competition among these institutions with a view
   to improve their outcomes
   - To determine whether the scientific institutions are working as per
   their mandate, or mandate itself needs a revision in line with present
   priorities, and technologies
   - To assess required interventions for improvement
   - To ascertain whether these institutions are delivering
   outcome-oriented R&D
   - To assess the productivity of India’s research institutions in terms
   of optimal utilization of public funds
   - To derive actionable policy recommendations from the assessments.

*Download: **Volume 1
| **Volume
2 <http://www.indiascienceindicators.gov.in/Home/RD_Vol2_Organisations>*
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