[CODATA-international] Call for Nominations and Applications: Chair, CODATA International Data Policy Committee – DEADLINE Monday 17 January 2022

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CODATA invites nominations and applications to become the Chair of the
organization’s International Data Policy Committee
a 3-year term (renewable once by mutual consent), beginning 1 March 2022.
We will accept applications directly from the candidate or nominations from
a candidate’s institution or endorsing organization.

Applications or nominations can be made through the form here
by sending the attached Word document
 to info at codata.org

*The deadline for applications is 23:59 UTC on Monday, 17 January 2022.*

CODATA’s mission <https://codata.org/about-codata/our-mission/> is to
connect data and people to advance science and improve our world.  As the
Committee on Data of the International Science Council (ISC)
<https://council.science/>, CODATA helps realise ISC’s vision of advancing
science as a global public good.  CODATA does this by promoting
international collaboration to advance Open Science and to improve the
availability and usability of data for all areas of research.  CODATA
supports the principle that data produced by research and susceptible to be
used for research should be as open as possible and as closed as
necessary.  CODATA works also to advance the interoperability and the
usability of such data: research data should be FAIR (Findable, Accessible,
Interoperable and Reusable).

CODATA’s strategic activities are divided into four priority areas:

   1. Decadal Programme ‘Making Data Work for Cross-Domain Grand
   Challenges’ and the Global Open Science Cloud initiative;
   2. Data Policy: promoting principles, policies and practices for FAIR
   Data and Open Science;
   3. Data Science: advancing the frontiers of the science of data;
   4. Data Skills: building capacity for Open Science by improving data
   skills and the functions of national science systems needed to support open

About the CODATA International Data Policy Committee (IDPC)

The CODATA International Data Policy Committee (IDPC) is the key instrument
by which CODATA pursues its mission of promoting effective and appropriate
policies for Open Science and FAIR data. A subsidiary task is to support
the other strategic objectives of CODATA.
IDPC Mission

The CODATA International Data Policy Committee is an international expert
body that:

   - *takes a leadership role in developing and advancing CODATA’s Open
   Science and FAIR Data agenda* at a national and international level, in
   support of the organization’s strategy
      - Open Science for a Global Transformation: CODATA-coordinated
      submission to the UNESCO Open Science Consultation
   - *encourages the adoption and implementation of Open Science and FAIR
   data policies*, particularly in the context of the International Science
   Council (ISC) -sponsored international collaborative research programmes
      - Beijing Declaration on Research Data
      - The Science International Accord on Open Data in a Big Data World
   - *provides expert advice to the global RDM stakeholder community* on
   the development, adoption, and implementation of open data or other
   appropriate data policies and related activities
      - Twenty-year Review of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility
      by CODATA <https://doi.org/10.35035/ctzm-hz97>
      - Guidelines for the Legal Interoperability of Research Data
      - Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies

IDPC Activities

There are generally three types of activities in which the IDPC engages:

   1. *Policy support of CODATA initiatives and programs.* IDPC members can
   be individually or collectively involved in engaging with CODATA
   activities, projects, Task Groups etc. on data policy issues. This can
   include supporting the data policy activities of CODATA Strategic
   Initiatives and Task Groups. The Decadal Programme ‘Making Data Work for
   Cross-Domain Grand Challenges
   <https://codata.org/initiatives/decadal-programme2/> and the Global Open
   Science Cloud (GOSC)
   both have data policy related activities, as do some CODATA Task Groups
   2. *External requests for advice or projects.* CODATA is frequently
   contacted by other organizations in relation to data policy issues. These
   approaches generally ask for advice, comment or even endorsement of policy
   statements and documents. CODATA generally calls on the IDPC’s expertise to
   respond to such issues. Additionally, there have been in recent years a
   series of externally generated and funded reviews and reports
   CODATA has been asked to undertake. The IDPC membership often acts as a
   source of expertise for such work.
   3. *IDPC-generated projects.* IDPC members bring forward policy-related
   issues for consideration by the Committee. A recent activity that fits in
   this category was the High-level International Meeting on Open Research
   Data Policy and Practice
   in September 2019 and the resulting Beijing Declaration

Current IDPC Projects and Sub-Groups

In 2021, the IDPC underwent a process of reflection and preparing new areas
of activity. Current areas of interest for the IDPC include the following:

   - Framework for Data Diplomacy
   - Data Rights and Responsibilities
   - Data Policy Training
   - Sensitive Data Sharing Policy

Additionally, the IDPC will engage with the Policy and Legal Working Group
part of the GOSC initiative and a new CODATA Working Group on Data Ethics.
Role of the IDPC Chair

The IDPC Chair coordinates activities with Dr. Simon Hodson, the Executive
Director of CODATA, and reports directly to the CODATA Executive Committee.
The successful candidate will be expected to work in the general areas
outlined above and perform the following tasks, among others:

   - Act as the primary manager of the Committee and develop a strategy for
   - Carry out projects, with the IDPC members and others, and consistent
   with the areas outlined above. Projects may include: organizing workshops
   or side-events at meetings or conference sessions (virtual and in-person
   when possible), lead the drafting of reports and other germane documents,
   communicate and establish productive relationships with experts in other
   organizations working on data policy issues, and undertake other activities
   as deemed appropriate.
   - Hold regular (about monthly) conference calls with the IDPC members to
   discuss projects and issues. This will involve preparations before the
   Committee call and a summary of actions after. The CODATA Secretariat
   assists with and supports the calls: Asha Law schedules the calls and
   assists with logistics; Simon Hodson participates in the calls, if
   - Hold face-to-face meetings of the IDPC at conferences or events that
   are attended by a substantial subset of Committee members.
   - Select the membership of the IDPC, in consultation with Simon Hodson
   and the CODATA Executive Committee.

The outgoing IDPC Chair, Mark Leggott, allocated c.10% or 3-4 hours per
week to this role. As is often the case for such senior volunteer
activities, the employer of a successful candidate should allow this time
(0.1 FTE) as part of his or her activities. Mark will be available to
continue as a member or advisor to the Committee at the new Chair’s
discretion, and will answer any questions that the new Chair may have.




*Overview of CODATA Activities and Achievements: *Report Presented to the
CODATA General Assembly November 2021

*Call for Sessions, SciDataCon 2022, part of International Data Week: *deadline
14 February 2022

*Virtual SciDataCon 2021: *session recordings and presentations accessible
from programme <https://www.scidatacon.org/virtual-2021/programme/>

*DEADLINE EXTENDED! Call for Proposals to Host International Data Week
2025: *deadline 31 January 2022

September 2021 publications
the CODATA Data Science Journal <https://datascience.codata.org/>

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